How to Record Browser Screen in Chrome Using These 2 Extensions

Google Chrome offers a variety of extensions & plugins through which we can make web browsing more productive. There are a lot of apps to begin with and finding an app to personalize your chrome browser may become a tiring task. Fumbling through Google web store, reading through tons of reviews to pick a single app and finally installing it. Only to find out that it is not up to your taste and starting the whole process again.

While there are categories featuring specific types of apps, picking an app may not come as an easy task. In this article, you can find about two Google Chrome extensions which you may not know about. The apps which we are introducing is specifically for the streamers or the one who create online tutorials to teach.

It’s for the video editors, uploading various content all over different channels like YouTube or different websites. You can also easily share these screencasts to your friends and social media.

1. TechSmith Snagit 


Take a screenshot, screen  capture, or screen video recording. As the description says , the app allows you to take a screenshot or record video of any screen. By screen means , you can record video of not only browser but any running browser , software or even games.

The app is easy to use. When you install the app in Chrome browser , it will create an app icon near search bar. Click on it and you can see various options offered by the app. Since it is just an introduction , we won’t be going into further details about everything.


The options can be considered as divided into two categories: Image & Video. The Image category gives you three ways to capture screenshots :

  • Region : Select the area you want to capture as a screenshot. Basically , crop mode.
  • Visible : To capture the  whole screen as a screenshot.
  • Scrolling : To capture the screenshot of websites while scrolling down from top to bottom. A vertical panorama mode.

The captured screenshot will open in another tab. There you can name the image in a box located at the top. The app also provides basic editing like adding a box, arrow ,circle or text. And finally, you can download the image into your PC or grab a link to upload it to various websites.

The video category will let you take videos from any screen. When you select screen, the app will ask you to select from multiple running screens. Note that you can’t open new screens through the app. Select the screen you want & click on “share“.

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A small box will appear at the bottom of the screen which will indicate that video is recording. Click on stop sharing to stop capturing video. A new tab will open in Chrome showing your captured video. There you can name it at a top of the screen. You can also directly send it to YouTube or Google Drive.

One additional function is to create a .gif image. If the video length is below 20 seconds, you can use that video to create a .gif image.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

2. Screencastify 


Screencastify is a simple video screen capture software for chrome.  Unlike the Techsmith Snagit , this app can only capture video. Compared to Techsmith Snagit app , it may look dull but the app is more suited for video capturing . Now, this may be a bummer , but it is better to have more options available.

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After you install the app , you can find its icon near search bar, just like other apps. Once you click on the icon , you can record the screen in your current tab. You can also switch it to desktop capturing by changing the options.


The app is missing the screenshot capturing but at the same time, gives more options for video capturing. You can pause video anytime and resume it again which may save your time in case of mistakes during capturing. You can also see the resolution and FPS to decide the quality of the video. And last but not least, you can save it to your PC disk or upload it to your Google Drive.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Let us know if you encounter any problem using the apps . Know any other cool apps? Leave it in comments below. The more the merrier.

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