3 Tips and Fixes for Recording Browser Screen using TechSmith SnagIt Extension

In the previous article, we had shared with you some extensions that will let you easily record browser screen. And, one of them was Snagit by TechSmith. TechSmith Snagit is a wonderful extension available for Chrome Browser. This simple light weighted extension can let you take screenshots of browser window very quickly. You can also record videos using this extension of any screen, be it a browser or any other window of your PC. We noticed many users were having difficulties using the extension. So we decided to make a complete guide regarding how to utilize this extension along with some tips and fixes.

While the extension is not that hard to use , the guide will give detailed information about every feature. You may also found a fix for problems you may have encountered while using the extension.

1. Image Capturing:


Let’s talk about different ways to capture the screenshot first. The extension gives you three different ways to capture images from browser screen. While the capturing process is different for each one of them , the later part is still same. The first option is:

Region :

This option will let you select a specific portion of the screen to capture. It is useful when you don’t want to capture the whole screen but rather , a specific part. For example , A piece of news or information you found interesting over the web. So to do this ,


  • Click on the extension icon near search box in your Google Chrome.
  • Click on the Region.
  • Click and drag the scale over the part you want to capture.
  • Once you stop it, you can see resolution at the bottom of the image.
  • There click on the camera icon and another tab will open up.
  • Now you can see the options to edit the image.

Do you use the Omnibox in Google Chrome very often? Here’s a list of interesting stuff you can do with Omnibox in Chrome.


This option will let you capture the whole screen of Google Chrome tab. Note that it will only capture the tab screen and will exclude the windows taskbar. Just click on the extension icon and select visible. A new tab will open up where you can edit the image.



This option will provide great service to readers. You can capture a big image covering more than screen size. You can capture whole big article or social media page as a screenshot. The image can be used for offline reading or may serve as a copy of particular pages of websites.

  • Click on the plugin and select scrolling.
  • Wait till plugin scan the whole page.
  • A new tab will open up , wait till syncing process completes.
  • Now you can edit the image.

Edit the image:

The editing options are same for all three types of image capturing. You can add arrows , shapes and even text in the image. Selecting and clicking the icon again will let you change color for shapes and even font size for text.


1.Arrow : Click on the arrow located at a right side. Click the place on the image where you want to draw an arrow. Dragging and dropping can increase/decrease size.

2.Square : Click on the square to draw a box. The box’s size is adjustable.

3.Circle : The process is same as above.

4.Text : You can add text in the image using this option.

Saving the Image 

You can give a  name to the  image in the box located at a top of the screen.

To save the image , click on three dot image of options. Then you can either Grab link or Download the image. Grab Link option will copy the URL of the image to the clipboard. You can later paste it to any sites or anywhere else to show your image. With Download option, you can save it directly to your drive.

Did any file fail to download in Chrome? If yes, then you can check this guide to resume those failed downloads.

2.Video Recording of screen :

Too bad , but there is only one type of video recording. This extension lets you record the screens. While image capturing is limited to Google Chrome browser , video recording can be done to screens other than the browser. To record the video :


Open the extension menu and click on the screen . A window will pop up showing available screens. Select the screen and click on Share.


A small box will appear at the bottom of the screen saying “TechSmit Snagit (extension) is sharing your screen. ” . Click on Stop sharing when you want to stop recording the video.


Once you stop the recording of video , a new tab will open up. Enter the name of the video in the box at the top of the screen. You can save the video in your Google drive link or directly send it to your YouTube channel.

The extension menu also has microphone icon at the bottom. It is used to toggle audio in video. Which means, you can record videos without audio.

Create .GIF Image :

If the video length is below 20 seconds , the ” Animated GIF ” button will be highlighted. You can click on this option to create a .GIF image using your recorded video.


Once the video is converted into .Gif image , you can download it through the new popped-up window.

Problem Fixes :

Q. I can’t name or save the image/video.

A. This extension requires permission from your Google email account. Make sure you are signed-in the google or you can not use the extension.

Q. I can’t use some mentioned features.

A. This extension does have it’s limitations since all types of image capturing is limited to certain types of websites. Meaning you can’t use them for all websites.

If you still have trouble in using the extension , leave it in the comment below. You can also request a guide about any other extensions.

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