How to Record and Capture Screen in Windows 10

Almost all Windows users at some point of time need to take a screenshot or capture a part of the screen for their work. The screen capturing function is so common that there is dedicated key on the keyboard for it abbreviated as PrtSc or PrtScn. The same applies to recording the screen activity in form of a video. If you are an online publisher that writes tutorials and articles then screen recording shouldn’t be a typical task for you. It also is helpful if you want to record an entire conversation on Skype regarding an important project; you don’t want to miss out any requirement of your client.

Considering the usefulness of screen capture and recording, there are various software available for Windows that can help you record and capture screen. An average user will surely go looking around on the internet for the best screen recording software. Yes, that is something I myself would do. Unfortunately, an operating system can’t provide all tools and utilities inbuilt for the user.

I might be even wrong to say that considering our particular requirement here for Windows. The latest iteration of Windows 10 actually has an inbuilt screen recording functionality for the users. You might not know about this hidden feature in Windows 10, but, just hit Windows Key + G on your keyboard. Did a new menu pop up? Folks, let’s dig deeper into the feature and see how you can use it. We will even look at some of best software that record and capture screen on Windows 10.

How to Record/Capture Screen in Windows 10 Using Inbuilt Options

The feature that we are going to explore here is something that users had been asking from Microsoft for over years now. Users specifically from the gaming space. This feature allows users to capture screen and even record it during a gameplay. It comes integrated with the Xbox app on Windows 10 and is known as the Game bar. Yes, it is specifically made for recording gameplay but we can use it for other programs too.

In order to enable the Game bar, you need to sign in to the Xbox app. There in the settings, under the Game DVR tab enable the option Record Game Clips and Screenshot. It should be enabled by default but in case it is not, you can enable it from here.


How to Use it

1. Open the program/software that you want to record or take a screenshot. The game bar only works when some Windows panel is open. It won’t work when triggered from Desktop.

2. Now press Win Key + G to open the Game bar.

3. You will be asked if you want to open the Game bar in this panel or not. Just tick the option “Yes, this is a game”.


4. Doing so will open the Game bar. Here, you will get the option capture the screen and record the screen.


5. Clicking on the ‘Camera’ icon will take a screenshot and the ‘Red’ button will start recording the screen. Maximum 1 hour of recording can be done, however, it can be changed in the Settings.

All the recording and screenshots get saved in the folder C:\Users\Username\Videos\Captures. The location of saving these captures can’t be changed. However, in the settings, you can various customization options. The maximum length of the recording can be changed (with max 2 hours of recording), background recording can be enabled and if you have a microphone attached to your PC, the Game bar will automatically record the audio for you. Also, you can set your own custom shortcuts.

For more settings, you need to check the Xbox app settings, where you can set the video and audio quality of the recordings. The recordings will be saved in MP4 format and screenshots in PNG format.

Now, let’s have a look at some of best software that you can use to capture and record screen on Windows 10.

Best Software to Record and Capture Screen in Windows 10

  • SnagIt: It is one of the most popular software by TechSmith. It has been around for over years now and what makes it popular are its features. A great tech support, integration with cloud based services, ability to set custom hotkey and much more. It is a premium software, but, it does come with a free trial. Screen recording is one of the best assets of SnagIt and it excels in it as testified by its users.
  • Icecream Screen Recorder: This one is a Freemium tool with some of its features hidden behind a Pro Key. But, don’t let the price distract you from its features. Because the real flavor of the software lies in its ease of use in recording the screen. It has a complete suite of tools that will help you record perfectly. Some of its features include audio settings, hotkey support, screenshots to URL, project history, clipboard and various other helpful features.
  • Movavi Screen Capture Studio: This product comes from a company that excels in making video editing software across all platform. The Screen Capture Studio by Movavi is a complete pack of utilities that you will ever need for screen capture and recording. The inbuilt video editing software is well developed keeping in mind the user’s ease of use. They even have a separate page for their users on how to record screen on Windows 10.

So, these were the software that I have used for screen recording and capture and totally recommend them.


So, we showed you here Windows 10’s Hidden Game bar feature that gives you the ability to record and capture screen in no time. A software surely has more utilities up its sleeves but when it comes to native applications, Windows is always up to the mark. We even mentioned some of the software that we have used and are using for preparing tutorials and articles on this website. If you have any other suggestions regarding this topic or would like to recommend a software then do mention them down in the comments.

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