Reduce Outlook Folder Size with PST Compression Utility

The review of PST Compress software application, version 3.1 is presented here whose chief objective is to compress MS Outlook PST data files from large sizes to small ones. But many would want to know as how well and delinquently does the tool perform its compression process. How well a utility performs wholly depends on the underlying technologies the application has been built-with and its features. Therefore, I (as a user) am penning down my views about the tool’s working based on the characteristics that I found within it, in this review. But before that, let me give an overview as why to use the tool and in what situation.


Necessity of Compress PST Tool

There is no doubt that the requirement of the Compress PST application is very essential. This is because a large sized .pst file approaching the maximum size limit of the Personal Folders is prone to corruption. At any point of time, such Personal Storage Table file can get damaged and this leads to inaccessibility of the data items stored within it. Thence, to prevent Outlook data file from getting corrupted it becomes necessary to compress the particular .pst file.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Reduces large sized Outlook PST file size to avoid corruption.
  • Compacts huge sized Personal Folders in three different ways. 
  • Can compress several Outlook PST files in batch i.e. all together.
  • Supports size reduction of both PST file types; ANSI & UNICODE.
  • The PST file compression tool compresses without loss of data. 
  • Preserves the file structure exactly same as before (uncompressed file). 
  • A log report is generated to show the complete details of PST compression. 
  • Outlook should be installed to achieve compression of large sized PSTs.

Application – Well-matched with Latest Technologies 

It can be said with cent percent confirmation that the software is attuned to latest technologies. The reasons behind this drawn conclusion are as follows:
  1. Windows operating system edition 8, which is the latest, is also supported. In other words it can be said that the tool developed for Reduce Outlook Folder size can be executed on all releases of Windows OS.
  2. Outlook edition 2013 is the latest version in use today and is supported by the Personal Folders compression utility. Also all other older releases such as Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 are provided support for but only 32-bit. 

System Requirements

It can be said that the system necessities are minimal for the tool. This is because of the following reasons mentioned below:
  1. All versions of Windows OS. Moreover only Windows is the applicable platform. 
  2. Free hard disk space is only 5 Mega Bytes. This is because the size of the compression utility is 1.3 MB only.  
  3. The minimum requirement of frequency in the processor of the machine is only 1GHz. However, use of 2.4 GHz frequency is optimal.
  4. The smallest amount of system RAM required is 512 Mega Bytes. Though 1 GB RAM is considered adequate. 

Pre-requisites to Run the Tool 

  • MS Outlook should have been installed and also configured accurately for either any legitimate or dummy profile/account before the execution of the software.
  • To run the application in Windows 8, its extension 8.1, 7 or Vista the tool should be launched as ‘Run as Administrator’ for proper functioning.

Safe to Install & Execute

Well, it can undoubtedly be said that it is extremely safe to install and execute the Compress PST software application. This is because the particular utility is well protected by two strong anti malware technologies that are Norton by Symantec and McAfee SECURE. 

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Three PST File Compression Choices 

With the use of the utility, the Outlook PST files can be compressed in three ways and they are as follows:
  • Remove Attachments – If this option is selected, then the attachments attached to the emails are deleted while saving the PST file. This happens after the Outlook data file undergoes the process of compression.
  • Extract and Save Attachments – On selecting this option in the tool’s interface, the attachments can be removed and saved in another folder. On doing this the PST file gets compressed automatically. 
  • Extract, Save and Compress Attachments – On choosing this option, users can extract the attachments and store them in a ZIP file in a separate folder. Hence, compression tales place automatically. 

Trial Version is Available 

The demo edition of the utility has been made available to check the functionalities and working of the application and moreover free of cost. Therefore, users who want to go through the performance can make use of the trial version before actually investing in the full edition of the software. However, there are certain differences between the free and full version. The existing dissimilarities can be identified from the following table:
Free & Full Version Compared
Trial Version
Licensed Edition
Addition of PST File & Folder
Eliminate Selected PST Files
Support All Outlook Versions
Three Compression Choices
Compression of Multiple Files
Compact Outlook PST Files
Only first 5 items/ email folder
All Items

The Verdict 

Frankly speaking, working with the tool was as easy as ABC for me. Therefore, I think anyone that doesn’t have any technical knowledge or expertise can work with it easily. The interface of the PST Compress software is self explanatory and does not require any external guidance. It involves only three major steps for compression of  PST files that are: Open, Select and Compress. So as a whole the tool is an apt solution for compression of Outlook Personal Folders. 

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