How to make Streamus Chrome extension work again


So, as of now you might be knowing that Streamus has been removed from the chrome web store. It was revoked by YouTube with charges that extension was blocking YouTube ads. Making video running in the background and playing only the audio. Well, that’s what Streamus was all about. Streaming music from YouTube. It provided daily Music diet to it’s 300,000 users.

Well, if you have the web store installed version. It won’t work. The API key has been revoked. That doesn’t stop you from using it. You need to reinstall the extension manually. The extension was free and will always be. The source code is available on Github. And, we’ll use the source code provided by developer Sean Andrews. All you have to do is get YouTube’s API key, insert that key in source code and upload it to chrome. That’s it! You’ll have your Free YouTube streaming service working and back to life. Now, let’s see how you can actually do it.

How to Re-install Streamus

  • Download the source code from Github or here.
  • Now go to And sign in. You should have a Google account.
  • In the top-right corner you’ll hit the dropdown menu and select Create a project.


  • Add the name of project. Whatever you want. Hit create.
  • Now, on the left Navigation bar expand API & Auth and select APIs.
  • Search for YouTube API and Enable it.
  • Now, select credentials in same dropdown.
  • Select Add credentials > API Key > Browser key. 
  • Add name to your key. No referrers needed. Hit create.
  • Copy the key. Don’t share it with anyone.
  • Extract Downloaded source.
  • Navigate to src > js > background > key > youtubeAPIkey.js.
  • Open the file to edit and search for var key=’ ‘.
  • Add your API key that you copied in between those single quotes.


  • Save the file.
  • Open chrome://extensions. 
  • Enable Developer mode.
  • Click on load unpacked extension.
  • Select the src folder.
  • And you’re done the extension should get added to the list automatically.


If you don’t get extension added. And the src folder itself get disappeared. Try again to load unpacked extension. It’ll work. Hope this helped you. The version you installed is v1.80. The last version. Follow the development on GitHub for new versions. If there would be any.

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