5 Rescue Disks to Diagnose Errors in Windows and Linux

Different types of errors are bound to pop-up on your computer screen as operating systems are not completely bug-free , whether it is Windows or Linux. There is no perfect fix for all the errors since they all occurs due to various issues. Operating systems are not the culprit every time. It could happen due to compatibility issues between operating system and any third-party software, faulty hardware or even because of a virus! So what you can do when your computer starts acting funny and gives you bunch of error messages or even worse , don’t boot at all? You can visit nearest technical support , but it can cost lots of money and it is time consuming.

Rescue Disks can help you in such crisis. So what is Rescue disk? It is a tool bundled with various useful diagnostics , analytic and fixing tools. The rescue disk can help out in solving many errors in operating system. The good thing is there are many different Rescue Disks to choose from, so it wouldn’t hurt to keep a copy of some Rescue disks by your side.

So here are some Rescue disks which are available for free. Note that this is not a “Top 5” list or something. The names in list are put together randomly. Also detailed information about each Rescue disks are not included in article to keep it short and simple. You can browse the details from the attached links to their respective official site.

#1. Hiren’s BootCD

Rescue Disk1

Hiren’s BootCD


Hiren’s BootCD is one of the popular Rescue Disk you can find on the internet with free of cost. It is completely focused on Windows operating system and provides a vast amount of utilities for saving the dying operating system. So what makes it unique among other rescue disks? Hiren’s BootCD includes malware and rootkit detection, a portable antivirus tools and hardware scanners. It also includes backup tools to create copy of your data in case of boot failure or bugged OS. It also comes with mini Windows Xp which can be used as temporary operating system. There are many more features which you can find on

Hiren’s BootCD can be used from both CD and USB drive , which means you can keep its copy on either CD or and USB drives. You can get Hiren’s BootCD from here.

Operating System : Windows

#2. The Trinity Rescue Kit

rescue disk2

The Trinity Rescue Kit

The Trinity Rescue Kit is designed to find and fix the errors in operating system for both Windows and Linux. The kit includes tools to recover lost passwords. There are also tools to recover deleted files and even deleted partitions. There are rootkit utilities and different antiviruses included in the package. The Trinity Rescue Kit can also open up drives for network shares,which means backup of data can be done using other working computer or laptop.

The Trinity Rescue Kit can be used from both CD and USB drive. The Trinity Rescue Kit is available on their Official Site.

Operating System : Windows , Linux

#3. The Ultimate Boot CD


rescue disk3

The Ultimate Boot CD


The Ultimate Boot CD is another rescue disk available for both Windows and Linux. The Ultimate Boot CD also have a unique version just for Windows , which serves as a portable operating system with numerous troubleshooting tools. It is packed with many different diagnostics tools which helps in diagnosing various issues. The Rescue CD includes different testing tools like memory testing , drive testing and cpu testing. It also have tools for hardware testing and hard drive management. Like other rescue cd , The Ultimate Boot CD also gives data recovery facilities.

It can be used on both CD and USB drive. The Ultimate boot CD can be found here.

Operating System : Windows , Linux

#4. Knoppix

Rescue disk4



Knoppix is a system rescuer for just Linux operating system. Once booted into malfunctioned system , Knoppix serves as complete functioning  operating system. Knoppix is a portable operating system, packed with different tools. It comes with hardware analysis tools , troubleshooting tools , data-recovery tools and cloning tools.

The Knoppix can be converted on both CD and USB drive. Knoppix can be download from here.

Operating System : Linux

#5. SystemRescueCd

SystemRescueCd is useful to troubleshoot both Windows and Linux systems. System Rescue CD is packed together with tools for managing and repairing partitions . It also have data backup tools and data cloning tools for data recovery in case of corrupted/failed partitions. There are antivirus tools , Malware and rootkit tools included in package. It also comes with portable disc burner tool.

The System Rescue CD can be converted on both CD and USB Drive. The official site for System Rescue CD is here.

Operating System : Windows, Linux

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