Review : SendPulse Automation 360

With automation impacting on almost every industry that we can think of, it is about time that automation also brings change in the field of email marketing. Bringing automation into email marketing can make targeting several types of subscribers easy and can also improve the conversion and activity on the emails that are sent.

Even though traditional email marketing software services like MailChimp and Aweber are really good, they very much lack on offering top-notch automation features that their customers can rely on.

This is where SendPulse kicks in. Today we are here with a detailed review of its automation tool and why it is better than competitors like MailChimp and Aweber.

What is SendPulse Automation 360?


Automation 360 is an email automation tool that lets you send emails based on certain triggers from the part of your subscribers. You can predefine both the triggers and the emails that are to be sent by yourself. SendPulse will collect information from your website and when a trigger is matched by the user, the email is automatically sent.

For example, if you have a site offering products for purchase, then you can set a trigger if any visitor to your site leaves products in the shopping cart without purchasing it. Whenever a visitor visits your website all related information is passed to SendPulse from your website and if the visitor has an item left in their shopping cart, SendPulse will recognize the trigger and an email is sent to the user automatically with the content that you have previously set for the same trigger.

SendPulse Automation 360 Features:


Now that you know how the SendPulse Automation 360 email marketing tool works, below are some of the features that are offered by the tool.

  • You can send not only emails but web-based push notifications and SMS notifications to your subscribers.
  • Automation 360 not only lets you track the conversions on your campaigns but also lets you track the users who have achieved the conversion as well.
  • Create different triggers and events based on your website and your subscribers.
  • View all the emails and notifications received by every user in your subscriber list.
  • Visual data on the flow of emails and the working of the triggers and events that you have set to give you a better idea of what’s happening.

Why SendPulse Automation 360 is Better than its Alternatives?


At the beginning of this article, we mentioned that SendPulse Automation 360 is the best email marketing tool out there currently and is really better than its competitors including Aweber and MailChimp.

What makes Automation 360 really great is not just the automation features that it offers, but how it can help in improving your email marketing campaign.

For starters, the ability to send bulk emails, SMS, and web-based push notifications allow you to reach out to your subscribers depending on the situation. Moreover, the combination of all the three medium will give a far better reach and conversion than when just approached through emails.

Also, the ability to create custom triggers and events based on your website and visitors will give you the opportunity to target more specific set of audience and you can also refine your subscribers further depending on the type of events or triggers they fall into.

Finally, the ability to not only accurately track your conversions but also the sources for those conversions makes it easier to target potential customers in the future easy as well.

Final Words

No matter if you are a newbie or professional in email marketing, Automation 360 is best to ease up the task of sending emails to your subscribers and at the same time make sure that your subscribers are maximum engaged with your emails.

Hope you found this review informative and if you are already using this tool then do leave a comment below with your review about it.

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