Review: UnoTelly SmartDNS and VPN

UnoTelly is a VPN service with DNS routing that lets you penetrate through the bars of geo-blocking so that you can watch your favorite TV shows and Movies on your preferred streaming service. I expect following objectives to be fulfilled by a VPN:

  1. Strong Encryption.(security)
  2. Less drop in internet speed.
  3. Affordable

So, these are the three objectives to be dealt in this review. Before that I’d like to talk about their other service called SmartDNS. For those unknown to DNS routing- it similar to VPN but DNS routing only removes geo-blocking, it doesn’t provide encryption or any security. In other words, your IP address will be not be masked as it is done in VPN and will be visible to the target website.

In SmartDNS you’ll be given their DNS address which you’ll have to replace in the DNS settings. Unotelly has done a great job guiding anyone through the process with any device, I need not to get into it deeper. So, after replacing your DNS address you’ll access all the website from their US and Canada based servers.

There was a slight drop in my internet speed while using their DNS service. But, it did fulfill it’s purpose of letting me access geo-blocked sites. Also, while streaming there was sometimes some stutter and video quality would go low.

Now, talking about VPN. I mostly use it on my laptop and my main reason is security. But, if your main reason is just geo-blocking I suggest you go with UnoDNS. Because, your broadband connection is gonna suffer a drop in speed with VPN. And if you’re at low end ADSL connection, forget about it. Else, you can try Hola Unblocker a Free VPN for temporary use.

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The other feature that UnoTelly boasts of is DNS Dynamo. It let’s you switch between different regions of a service, for example Netflix. You can access Netflix US on one device and Netflix UK on the other. Thus, you gain access to both libraries. This can easily be done by using their mobile applications which are developed for almost all devices, from Android to iPod touch.

I liked their control panel and also their massive how-to library that guides you through each and every single step. You’ll not have to Google on how to do this or that.

Pricing is pretty competitive. There are two plans Premium and Gold. In premium you get only UnoDNS which starts you off with $3.94/mo and in Gold you get both UnoDNS and UnoVPN at $4.93/mo. Also, they give a Free 8 day Trial for you to Test.

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