Review: Wondershare Fotophire Photo Editing Software

Wondershare is one of the most popular software developers out there. They have developed and released many utility tools for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android in the past. Today we are here with a detailed review of the latest Fotophire photo editing software from Wondershare.


There is no shortage of photo editing tools out there. There are photo editing tools for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. The tools come from popular developers like Adobe and Google, and these tools can be accessed both online and as a downloadable client as well.

So what sets the Wondershare Fotophire Photo Editing software apart from the rest of the options?

For starters, the Fotophire tool is developed on an idea to offer the best in class photo editing experience to users regardless of whether they are experienced in photo editing or not.

This is not the first time Wondershare has implemented this idea, the Wondershare Filmora is another tool from the same developers and is considered one among the top software for video editing out there.

Now coming back to Fotophire, below are the highlight features of the Wondershare Fotophire Photo Editing software.

  • Easy to use software interface: Fotophire offers a user interface that is easy to understand and navigate thus making it easier for anyone in your family to do photo editing, no matter whether they know in detail about all the photo editing tools or not. All features and options work either within a single-click or work in a drag and drop manner.
  • All Basic Photo Editing Options Included: This tool features all the basic tools that one would expect from any photo editing software. You can cut/crop, add filters/effects, sharpen/blur and more.
  • Fotophire Maximizer: The Fotophire Maximizer feature allows you to zoom in on pictures without losing any detail or quality. The algorithm used by the Fotophire Maximizer feature allows you to zoom in as much as 1000% into images without losing any detail.
  • One-click Noise Reduction: You can use the Fotophire photo editing software to remove noise and grain from images, especially low-light images, using just a single click.
  • Enlarge Photos for Printing: The photo you took is too small to get printed properly? Use the Fotophire tool to enlarge photos to make them fit for posters, banners etc. without losing quality.
  • Inbuilt Tutorial Lessons: Wondering how a specific feature works on Fotophire? Just use the “How-To” section within the tool to get in-detail and a step-by-step guide on how each feature works.
  • Change Photo Background: Using Fotophire, you can easily change the background of any photos with just a few clicks. The background image can be of your choice and can be picked from the web or your desktop.
  • Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos: One awesome feature of Fotophire is that it allows you to get rid of photo bombers or less interesting subjects from your photos using just a single-click without having to face any hassles.
  • Fotophire Focus: Fotophire Focus is a feature that has a set of tools which allows users to fix blurred photos, refocus captured photos, and add custom matching filters on images without losing any detail.
  • Support for Wide Range of Formats: Wondershare Fotophire supports a huge variety of image formats so that you can edit images from your professional camera, Smartphone, and other devices using a single photo editor.

Why Buy Wondershare Fotophire Photo Editing Software?


If you are not convinced just by the set of features offered by the Wondershare Fotophire Photo Editing tool, below are some other reasons to pick the Fotophire over other photo editing software.

• 30-Day Money-back Guarantee: Not satisfied with your purchase? No worries! Wondershare offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on Fotophire so that even if you change your mind, you can get your entire payment back.
• Free Tech Support: Facing any issues while working with Fotophire? Get in touch with their technical team and get your issue resolved for free.
• Free Trial for Windows Machines: If you have a Windows machine, then you can get to use Fotophire and its awesome features for free before buying them.

Note: Wondershare is running Mother’s Day activity and has big sales on Fotophire. Check it out here.

Final Words

Are you impressed by the Wondershare Fotophire Photo Editing tool?
Or are you already using it? If yes, then do leave a comment below with your experience with the Wondershare Fotophire Photo Editing tool.

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