How to Safely Root Lenovo K3 Note Marshmallow (The Correct Way)

So, Back in April Lenovo rolled out the Marshmallow 6.0 update for the K3 Note users. It was rumored that K3 Note will be updated in September but thanks to the developers at Lenovo for sending us this update this soon. Well, with such a big user base they had to. Lenovo is surely ahead of Samsung in terms of updating the firmware. Samsung released the Marshmallow update on Galaxy S6 and S5 this May.

Okay, now onto the Rooting guide.

Let’s Root Lenovo K3 Note Marshmallow (k50a40_S324_160328_ROW)

So, before updating my K3 Note to Marshmallow I had a rooted Android 5.0 version. So first I had to unroot it and then download and install the update. But, it wasn’t that easy. I also had CWM Custom Recovery installed. And, the official firmware update only gets installed using the Stock recovery. So, I had to unroot my phone and flash the stock recovery to make it ready for the update.  So, if you’re getting installation errors while updating to Marshmallow then it’s probably because you don’t have the stock recovery.

So, I had to unroot my phone and flash the stock recovery to make it ready for the update. If you’re getting installation errors while updating to Marshmallow then it’s probably because you don’t have the stock recovery.

My Quest to Root Android 6.0

Now, after one month of the update, using the stock Marshmallow to its full potential, I felt it’s time to root now. Because I’m a customizer and many of my customization included Xposed Modules and Apps that needed root. Greenify was one of them. And, of course, Titanium backup(how can I forget you?) .

So, I started with the standard rooting method. I Installed a custom recovery(TWRP) and flashed the SuperSu Zip file. And, as expected by me it went into boot loop. By the way, I had taken a full Nandroid Backup of the Stock Marshmallow Firmware using TWRP.

I Googled to see if I was approaching the right way to root Marshmallow. And many websites had the same thing that I did. They claimed that it will root K3 note Marshmallow. Some even suggested custom software like Kingoroot. But, I don’t trust such software. So, I didn’t even try them.

After enough researching, I thought to dig into the XDA-developer’s K3 Note Forum Index thread. Maybe any user would have found a correct method to root. I did a search and after enough digging, I found the correct method on page 378/Thread No. 3773 posted by Senior member emptywordsss.  

So, the problem was with the boot settings of the phone. It had to be fixed in order to root. Emptywordsss provided both the patched boot image file and supersu 2.46 zip file for download. SuperSu 2.46 and above is able to root Marshmallow powered phones.

Now, if you are well aware of how to root and customization stuff then you can just follow the steps shown by emptywordsss or else you can follow the below give steps with full screenshots. I’ll guide through each step.

Let’s root Lenovo K3 Note Marshmallow (6.0).

Step -1 : Flash Custom Recovery (TWRP)

First, we’ll have to flash a custom recovery. Here, I’ve used TWRP. I’m using it ever since I started rooting. I recommend you use it for this rooting guide too. We’ll need here TWRP version and above. Also, we are going to flash the custom recovery using ADB in Fastboot mode.

  1. Download TWRP from the official website. And, download this zip file and extract it. It contains ADB files to Flash the recovery.
  2. Now, connect your phone to PC and make sure USB debugging is ON.In the ADB folder,  I’ve already placed the TWRP image file. If you’ve downloaded a higher version then you can replace it. Now, in the ADB folder double click on py_cmd.exe. Here, you will enter all the ADB commands.
  3. Now, paste the following command to check if ADB detects your connected device.
    adb devices


  4. Next, enter this command to reboot your phone into Fastboot mode.

    adb reboot bootloader
  5. Enter this command to make sure the device boots into Fastboot mode.

    fastboot devices
  6. Now, we’ll flash the recovery image. Use the following command to do so.

    fastboot flash recovery twrp-recovery.img
  7. Make sure the image file name is same as in the folder. Now, we have to reboot the phone. But, right after you enter the command for reboot you need to press Volume Up + Volume Down + Power Button in order to directly go into TWRP recovery. So, make sure you press the button combination right after you enter the command for Reboot. Here’s the reboot command.
    fastboot reboot

Here’s the complete log of the ADB commands.


Now, that you are in the TWRP recovery take a Nandroid backup of the Stock Firmware. After you’ve backed up the Firmware, let’s root it.

Step-2: Let’s Root

  1. Download the patched boot.img and file provide by emptywordsss and place it in your phone storage.
  2. Now, boot into custom recovery. Shut down your phone and press the button combination(Volume Up + Volume Down + Power Button) to boot into recovery.
  3. First, we need to install the patched boot image. Tap on Install and on the next screen select Install Image from the top menu.root-k3-note-marsmallow-1
  4. Next, navigate to the boot.img file and install it. Swipe to install it.
  5. Don’t reboot after install. Next, install the SuperSu zip file. Perform the same steps but this time, choose Install Zip from the top menu.
  6. Navigate to the zip file and install it. Swipe to install it. The necessary checkboxes that are to be checked are shown below.
  7. It should successfully flash the zip. Now hit on Reboot System.
  8. Install a root checker app and see if it’s rooted. If you have the SuperSu app installed then it’s definitely rooted.

Enjoy Thy Freedom

Your Lenovo k3 Note powering Android 6.0 Marshmallow should now be rooted. Now, you got a big arena to explore. Let us know if there were any problems in rooting your phone. We’d love to solve ’em.


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  1. Hi bro, am using lenovo k3 note k50-a40 Android 6.0. is there an app to root by single click… I tried kingroot but no luck.. can u suggest the better one..

        • Thanks abhisekh, I have flashed the boot img and supe su 2.47, no problem no bootloop occurs, but I know you can’t help me with this problem as I have root access with 2.47 but when I try to flash 2.79, I lose my root access. I am asking you does this happens to you too?

    • Abhishek Macwan

      You should place it in phone storage(internal memory) not the SD card. By the way, where can’t you find it?

      • Hi, I’m stuck at step 2 as well. I have loaded TWRP, tried to install boot.img but when I navigate to the internal memory folder where I have moved both SuperSU and boot.img I can only see I tried moving boot.img in root but I still can’t see it. Any advise on how to proceed?

        • first click on the image install button from above then u can fin the boot.img and after installation then again click on image zip from top and go find the supersu file then u r done…

    • Abhishek Macwan

      I’ve explained it above. The boot settings will cause error while root and thus making the phone go in boot loop. You can try to flash super su file alone without the patched boot image if you want.

    • Abhishek Macwan

      If you are getting an error during installing custom recovery using fastboot, then turn on OEM unlock in Developer Options. Otherwise, it’s fine. Use this command to check if it’s unlocked : fastboot oem device-info

  2. Prabhu Bandreddi

    Hello bro,
    In Flash Custom Recovery (TWRP)
    after entering the following command to do so in the 6th Step
    fastboot flash recovery twrp-recovery.img
    its Showing up ( waiting for mobile devices ) in command prompt
    and nothing is coming up and the mobile screen is showing up in fastboot mode
    Please help me to solve this bro…
    thnx in Advance

  3. Reiterating: Guys don’t search anything else on Google if you have landed here. This works perfectly. There cannot be a tutorial easier than this. Especially check the comment about lenovo drivers if your device is not getting detected by adb.

  4. Have followed through your guide but the device is still not rooted 🙁
    Step 7 seems to install supersu (no errors) but supersu still wasn’t installed


  5. plz fix this :- Download the patched boot.img and file provide by emptywordsss and place it in your phone storage.
    1.)there is no image.
    2.)how to download su zip file.

    • I’ve updated the link. And, the SuperSu file is a zip file uploaded on Google drive. There will be a download button on the top-right corner. GDrive opens the zip file automatically.

    • If you’re asking specifically for this process then it might work on XP. But, am not sure. And, if you’re asking for the rooting process as a whole then you definitely need to upgrade. Most standard methods of rooting require PC and most software are developed with compatibility till Windows 7 only.

  6. Hi. thanks for all the support. I have a question: When the phone asks if you want to get into fastboot or not and you must press the up or down volume button to comfirm, do I need to do this or not? This root is safe in a k50 t5 with VIBEUI_V3.1_1622
    Thank you very much again and greetings from Uruguay

    • The phone won’t ask you if you’d like to go into Fastboot mode or not. With this process, we are forcing the phone to get into Fastboot mode using CMD.

  7. Whoa, really awesome guide. I made a mistake of attempting to root from kingoroot and kingroot prior to trying your method. Those apps blocked Supersu binary updates. I had to restart from scratch to get rid of those junk, Worked perfectly right after.

  8. I have tried so many method that I missed the count, but with this one and just one try, I could do it. Thanks a lot!!!

  9. IN STEP-1-
    6. fastboot flash recovery twrp-recovery.img. instead i have mistakenly command as fast flash recovery twrp-recovery.img. and enter. Then i type the correct command again. The entire process was done without any interrupting till end. But when i check in root checker. It says ‘ This device is not rooted properly’. So please help is there any alternate way to sort out this issues.

  10. Works like a charm, thanks. Is there any issue if supersu binary is not updated? And some apps like pokemon go, ebay, voxel rush which are not working now are forcing me to unroot. Unroot option from supersu will work or we need to use the twrp backup?

    • Abhishek Macwan

      Well, taking a TWRP backup won’t be bad. And, the Supersu binary updates automatically. No issues if not updated.

  11. My phone’s custom recovery mode is having only 4 options. 1.Restart 2.instal upgrade 3.Wipe data 3.Shutdown.
    How can I install boot.img and when I’m unable to choose file from custom recovery mode via phone.???
    Pls help me.

    • Abhishek Macwan

      That’s the stock recovery you’re talking about. You need to install custom recovery like TWRP or CWM. Here, in Step-1 I’ve used TWRP. Just follow the step to install custom recovery.

  12. in step four it reboots my phone and then it appears as fast boot but nothing happens. and also while typing step six its says waiting for device any help for that

  13. bro, i have rooted my phone using the technique said by you……
    but i did so to spoof the mac address…
    and i have tried almost everything including terminal emulator, busybox, chamelemac, mtk enginerring mode, root browser, hex editor, and many more….
    but still couldnt spoof the mac address….
    terminal emulator says, ifconfig: SIOCSIFHWADDR: Operation not supported when i put the command busybox ifconfig wlan0 hw ether xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
    can u help

  14. Hi Abishek,

    I have tried this method but not able to flash the boot image(not the one from this article). It is throwing an error while flashing. Looks like a permission issue. Not sure. SELinux enabled was showing on the screen. And showed an error 1 or something.

    Anyway my phone went to boot loop and I recovered it by flashing stock rom via spflash tool.

    Also once after installing the twrp I tried flashing another ROM, then this SELinux message I saw and suddenly the twrp restarted.

    Do you have any idea what could be the reason?

  15. Hi bro
    Abhishek plzzzz help me, i have done all proceeds withboot.img in k3 note Marshmallow build number s327.
    It is stuck now at Lenovo poweredby Android logo………
    What To Do….
    Plzzzzzzzz. Urgently…..

  16. i hv installed the lenovo usb drivers and still am not able to see any devices when i type in adb devices onto py_cmd application.. i have connected my phone (lenovo k3 note) and hv activated usb debugging and installed the usb drivers in program files on C drive of hard disk whereas the minimal adb and fastboot in E drive. should i do something further after installing the usb drivers. pls reply soon. thnx.

    • Abhishek Macwan

      Make sure you are using your phone’s USB cable only. And, run the py_cmd.exe application as administrator(Run as Administrator). That should make it work.

  17. Bro i install super su 2.46 version from this method device rooted but
    It ask to binary update so i update through plastore 2.79 version but
    It also shows when using Lucky patcher root not stable try to update root……so what i do ???? Plz answer me

  18. Hello…Where do I download the recovery app?
    When I go to devices on the official website of TWRP, there is no K3 note in the list.
    What did I miss?

  19. I’ve done everything posted here. The patched file link is dead so I used patch file from this link – So after flashing boot patch and supersu, when i reboot it the phone gets stuck at white backround lenovo logo with initializing…(some green bar) at the bottom which does not move anything further. I’m very much confused at this stage and unfortunately I forgot to take the stock backup before flashing supersu update. Please help.

      • So I flashed boot image and it worked perfectly. But then I installed lineageOS on my phone , at first it started all nice and everything but then after flashing gapps whenever I reboot the system it goes to directly to twrp recovery window. Not booting up any further as I tried other gapps versions too. What could have possibly gone wrong here? Help.

  20. Hey man… i have tried many one click root apps but none are working. this method seems to be working for everyone so i started it but was stuck on the first step.. lol feel kinda dumb but how and where do i install the TWRP? the official website doesnt have an option for k3 note , can you share the link?

    • Brother in this process we can power of our device? Please give me answer in this email (

  21. Now, that you are in the TWRP recovery take a Nandroid backup of the Stock Firmware.
    How to do this ? Is this necessary?

  22. Now, boot into custom recovery. Shut down your phone and press the button combination(Volume Up + Volume Down + Power Button) to boot into recovery.

    How to do this process please anyone tell me..did I have to do all step from 1 to 7 for this process.. Please help

  23. I have my k3 note with twrp flashed. But I don’t know if my bootloader is unlocked. How to unlock it and if there is a update of twrp how to reflash it.

  24. Hi Buddy,
    m trying to do as you suggested but my cmd window got stuck after giving the command “fastboot flash recovery twrp-recovery.img” (showing “”. Please assist

  25. Vaibhav Goel

    Lenovo K3 Note is not listed on the official TWRP website. How to download a TWRP recovery image?

  26. Hi
    The patched boot image and TWRP links are unavailable. Can you please re-post a working link and likewise email the same. Thank you. Looking forward to rooting my phone using your method.

  27. Kishan Chavda

    Bro, Why you making us fool.
    this process is not for k50-a40 or k3 note.
    The Screenshot you mentioned is totally wrong. is not for k3 bro.
    there is no option to install boot.img file in Recovery mode.
    Do some real bro

  28. Soulseeker916

    Hi. I also have this k3 note Marshmallow and i want to root it. I went to TWRP official site and searched for lenovo k3 note but no luck of looking correct TWRP version for it. Which version of TWRP you used? Can you send me link please?

  29. By pressing [volume up+volume down + power] we get Lenovo recovery.
    After clicking on update install my phone didn’t detect the file.
    it did not give me option to browse my file.

  30. Mayur jaisinghani

    Bro, i m stuck at bootloop i cant proceed further after the lenovo logo
    Actuall i directly used the flasher option in the k3 note manager and flashed its twrp file without having a rooted device,now i m able to acess the twrp recovery but cannot is unable to go beyond lenovo logo in normal boot plz plz help i a fresher i watched a video on youtube of flashing twrp in k3 and followed it.

  31. Thanks bro, I have rooted my k3 followed by your instruction . Please let me which nougat rom will be appropriate to flash. Thanks in advance.

  32. I am using Lenovo K3 note (k50a40) marshmallow 6.0.But my build number K50a40_S433_160909_ROW.Can boot.img file is suitable for my build number to flash?

  33. I followed every step (except the backup option bcs no space) till the last, but when I got it checked by a root checker, it’s saying it’s NOT rooted??? Please advise.

    (EDIT) It’s now rooted but my sim won’t detect !!!!! please advise asap please

  34. Hi, I have done all the steps that you explain above but at last step when I touch on reboot than it stuck on lenovo logo. Any help please sir.
    Thanks in advance

  35. Work , awesome no problem in any step .
    Those who are having problems for twrp version , twrp zip is already there in adb files.
    Thanks for this guide

  36. I have s433 firmware android 6.0,
    1. if I just want to install twrp ( without rooting), do I need to flash boot.img
    2. if want to install custom ROM and still don’t want to root, do I need to flash boot.img
    3. after a litte bit googling i found i need to have an unlocked bootloader and custom recovery for flashing custom rom ,
    how do i unlock bootloader ( is boot.img fot that )

  37. after i rooted successfully i used camelphone for imei redg….after that network is showing but i cant make a call or no incoming…what should i do now…help…its jio sim..i am at my local but it showing roaming…

  38. Hi Bro, i followed as mentioned and was able to root successfully ! Thanks a lot… Is the method only for this model/brand OR will work on any brand/any version ? Please confirm. If not, what is the safest method to root different models/brands with different version ?

    Thanks in advance !

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