AndEx: Run Android Lollipop 5.0.2 on PC without Bluestacks

Ever wanted to use Android operating system on PC or Laptops? AndEX Lollipop LiveCD  gives you the freedom to use Android operating system in any computers or laptops. It is simple and easy to use. LiveCD includes latest Android version  5.0.2 lollipop and some default apps.

AndEX Lollipop LiveCD gives different options for usage. The Android operating system can be installed directly into computer hard-disk drive through easy installation. Android OS can also be used for Dual-booting. To put it simply , when you are running any Windows / Linux operating system, you can install the Android setup into different partition. After restarting the computer , you can select from  2  operating system everytime you turn-on the computer. You now have two different operating system running in same PC. The setup only takes 1 minute to install.

Dual-Booting takes toll on computer and if you are not familiar with it , you might end up breaking your system. Remember I mentioned different options for usage above paragraph? You can also put LiveCD in either CD or USB to run Android system without any installation. To use it through CD, burn the downloaded .iso files into a blank CD and you are good to go. Insert the newly made CD into CD-Drive and you can run the android OS.

To use it from USB drive ,follow the simple steps given on official site. The limitation of this LiveCD is that it can only run on computers with modern hardware. It will crash on computers with old hardware.The AndEX Lollipop LiveCD can be downloaded from :

Softpedia | Official site

Reference : AndEX

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