How to Share your Real-time Location with Friends and Family on iOS using Google Maps

image-1Recently Google Maps has announced a new feature that enables users to share their present location via the app with friends and family. This functionality was first offered by a third-party app called Find My Friends. Google Maps allows the iOS device users to share their location seamlessly for up to 72 hours. You can select individual contacts too so that you can filter the location broadcast and you even are allowed to hide other people’s locations from the map itself.

Let us dig deeper and know more about the what is new in the newest update of Google Maps for iOS devices. We are also providing you with a step-by-step guide on how to share your location using Google Maps, let’s get started.

About the location sharing functionality of Google Maps

The first and the foremost thing to note is that the location sharing features is only available to all the devices that are running the newest version of the Google Maps on their iPhone and iPad. You can’t share your location using PC or Mac; this makes it an app only thing. Though you are allowed to see who else have shared their locations with you on using your PC or Mac devices.

Things You can do with the location sharing feature of the Google Maps for iOS.

  • Using your Google account, you can share your location with other Google account holders.
  • Sharing your location using a link. This will come in handy for the people that don’t have a Google account.
  • You can choose, for how long your location is going to be shared with the contacts that you’ve chosen.
  • You can choose who all can see your location and who all can’t.
  • You’ll get the real-time location update about the position of the person who shared their coordinates with you so that you can track them down easily.
  • You can stop sharing your location and can hide your location from some specific people or group of people.
  • Similarly, you can hide the location updates of some people or group of people.
  • The people whom you are sharing your location with will be able to see your Name, Photo, and your real-time coordinates.
  • Sometimes your shared location might contain information like, where you’ve just been, what you are doing (like driving, running or walking), device battery life or GPS connection and your Places (like home, office, business, and other destinations)

Let us now quickly learn the steps of sharing your location.

How to share your location using Google Maps on your iPhone and iPad

Note: For the location services to work properly, make sure to enable the location services options from the Device Settings and Privacy.

As this method is going to work only on the latest version of the Google Maps for iOS devices, make sure to keep the app updated from the iTunes Store before proceeding.

  • Launch the Google Maps app


  • Tap on the Menu icon in the top left corner to display additional menu controls.

display additional menu

  • Choose the share location option from the menu.

share location

  • As it is the first time you are sharing the location via the Google Maps app, you’ll be asked to share your location, make sure to choose the ‘Always’ option.
  • Now a splash screen appears, tap on the ‘Get Started’ option. (Note that, this step is optional and only appears when you are using this feature for the very first time on your Google Maps app)
  • Decide and define the time for which your location is to be shared, you can use the blue – and + buttons to increase and decrease the duration.
  • Now choose, with whom you want to share your location. You can choose from the following options.


  1. Message – you can send your location via iMessage
  2. More – you can make use of all your favorite apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and more. If you want to share your location with a nearby Apple device, choose the AirDrop option.


  • Furthermore, you can choose the contacts from your Google Account list. Tap on the Select People option and make sure to choose from the list of your Google Contacts and then tap on Share.


  • For the contacts that don’t have a Google Account yet you can use the messaging feature, or email or even any other relevant app such as Whatsapp for an instance.
  • The person whom you’ve shared your location with will be notified.



How to stop sharing your location

  • You can stop sharing your location by simply navigating through the Menu Controls and then Tap on Share Location.
  • Now turn OFF the switch next to the person with whom you want to stop sharing your location.


  • If in case you’ve shared your location with multiple contacts, you can tap on the More icon on the top right corner and choose the Setting from the Pop-up menu.


  • Then, press the ‘x’ option next to the person’s you want to end the location sharing with.


If you’ve any queries if you are facing any issues, please let us know in the comment section.

  1. georgthegreat

    It s important to remember that the location-sharing feature works in the mobile Google Maps app, but not on desktop. On your computer, you can only see a list of friends when they share their location with you. You ll be greeted with the complete list of all the people you re currently sharing your real-time location with. Tap “x” next to the person s name to instantly stop sharing your location with them.

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