Why Small Businesses Can’t Ignore Mobile Technology


Running a small business is a challenge. It’s hard enough to make waves in the industry when there are so many competitors, but it gets even more difficult when you factor in the sway of technology. Whether you own a small brick and mortar office or store or you operate an eCommerce site, you can’t ignore mobile technology. The world is changing too fast, and while the majority of internet browsing is driven by mobiles, the spending will soon be, too. While trends tend to come and go, one thing that is sure to stay is advancing mobile technology.

So, let’s dive into why you can no longer ignore mobile technology. It isn’t just customer service and online shopping that mobile technology can influence. It’s also going to improve your productivity, performance, tasks, and more. If you don’t believe us after this, speak to your employees about what type of actions would make their working life much easier. The future is mobile.

The Survey Says

According to a study from Sage North America, business people who were surveyed had a lot to say about mobile technology. Almost two thirds of those who responded agreed that mobile technology has a major influence on productivity and customer service. The same study discovered that the vast majority of employees use their phone to check work emails, send work related text messages, managing contacts, and even using those apps that are work related. Yet, despite the clear benefit of harnessing the power of mobile technology in the workplace, most companies, at this point, didn’t include the advance of mobile technology in their budgets. Just consider how your sales force operates on the road. Or, how everyone taps into conference calls as they travel. There are several important considerations to make when considering the power of mobile technology.


When it comes to converting sales, you have to remember that people who are searching for what you offer are doing say because they need it or want it. So, you should take that into consideration when you design your website or app. You want to provide them with all of the necessary information they need to take the next step, which is a purchase or contacting you to discuss your services. Usually, within an hour of beginning that search, the mobile user will take the necessary steps to complete the transaction. So, if you don’t have a mobile optimized site, you are missing out on potential sales and leads. They won’t wait until they are on a computer to seal the deal, they have a mobile and there are plenty of businesses that can help them fill their needs. You need to ensure you can fill your customer’s needs in the manner they want them filled. Which, in many cases, via mobile.

Search Rankings

Are you worried about how low your site is when people search for related content? One of the things that big search engines like Google take into consideration is mobile optimization. So, if you aren’t mobile friendly, it is going against you. The more responsive your design, the higher you will climb up the search rankings. If you aren’t sure whether your website is up to scratch, there is a test available to check how mobile friendly you are. If you’re not, then you’ll need to take a look at your design. Whether that means calling in the professionals to tinker with your site or revisiting your design, that’s up to you. Don’t forget to update your site regularly with fresh and interesting content. You can’t increase your search ranking without paying attention to every aspect of your site. What’s the point of optimising for mobile use if you haven’t updated your content in months? Keep it fresh and exciting and use social media to engage new customers and keep your loyal customers hooked.

Mobile sales are set to soar into the hundreds of billions. Any retailer that isn’t on board with mobile technology needs to be. There isn’t time to waste. The landscape is changing so rapidly and with pretty much everyone owning a mobile phone, it’s difficult to see this trend changing. In fact, it’s only going to grow. It’s how we buy music, purchase and read books, check up on the news, engage with our friends, family, and even strangers. Mobiles are here to stay, whether your business is or not… well, that’s entirely up to you. If you want a great example of how to harness the power of mobile technology, just check out the available surfstitch code. This is a company that has embraced mobile technology to offer customers great savings with their discount codes and vouchers. Take a leaf out of their book as you navigate mobile technology for your business.

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