Which Social Network is Suitable for Advertising Your Business?


Promoting a company takes much time and effort. Social media enables you to advertise your business fast and easily. Such kind of advertising can bring in sales from the first day. Some of the benefits of such promotion are that you don’t have to wait for the users to look for your targeted keywords or read a blog. Chatting with your consumers online should be your key marketing strategy.

If you want to experience an immediate growth of income in your business, you have to use social networking sites. On the other hand, there are many of them and each platform has its clientele, each appears with its own advantages and disadvantages, so it can be difficult for a new startup to pick the best one to make the most out of it. To choose the best social media for business, take some minutes to familiarize yourself with each network. Our guide will help you decide which medium is the most suitable and worth your time and money to invest.


There are many advantages of using Facebook in your business. This medium is the most trendy social media website and recognized all over the world. Billions of users are already signed up. Because of its wide reach, it can be a great opportunity not just to promote a new product, but to build long-lasting relationships and stay always in touch with your clients. You will definitely find your customers with its huge audience. Moreover, this website has a special feature designed intentionally for promoting business.

You can host an event, highlight company updates and recent news, share a new service, and post a picture or a video of a new product on this multifaceted web and mobile social media platform. An option of choosing age, gender and location will help you find your target customers.


You can type your short text updates multiple times per day to make your brand discoverable on Twitter. Its biggest value is the ability for your posts to go viral. When a user tweets something related to your brand, products or services, you are there to respond to their queries and offer instant solutions

Twitter is a brilliant tool to quickly interact with people all around the world by typing their usernames in your posts.

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The majority of the users on Instagram are young adults. It makes this network an optimal option for brands which are looking to target the customers at ages 18-29. It is a great choice for businesses in the fields of food, lifestyle, art, travel, fashion, and photography. This visual social media platform enables you to share photos and videos of the company applying your event hashtags. You can share behind-the-scenes photos of your firm to provide your communication with the consumers on a more personal level and to build their trust.


If you plan to improve the authority and discoverability of your brand, LinkedIn can be extremely useful. For example, your company provides custom paper writing services and you want to find new customers on Web. Creating an eye-catching profile on LinkedIn will help you find clients paying you for writing an essay, report or review. You can indicate your company’s business history, key objectives as well as recommendations from the customers with its assistance. Moreover, you can use this platform to hire, network and stay in touch with the employees. Business to Business marketing (B2B) also uses LinkedIn to generate leads.


Without any doubts, video clips have a huge influence on marketing your business. Nowadays people are too busy to read and not interested in learning all those boring ads, it’s better for them to watch a video about your product. With this platform, you can highlight your brand in a visual way. Being owned by Google and the second largest search engine, your videos are much more likely to appear in search results than other sites. When displaying your business on YouTube, you can share not only promotional videos but tutorial ones to educate people how your service works.

This video-sharing platform enables you to view, upload, rate, share, and comment on content. In addition, you can collaborate with YouTubers for product promotion, because these active users have already engaged huge audiences.

This is not a list of all social network applications that help you increase your sales and fan base. It doesn’t matter what field you’re in, social media marketing should be a tool for your business promotion. In addition to compelling content about your new products make sure you provide good service and have a good relationship with your clients.

No matter what brand or field your business works in, it undoubtedly has to be present in one of the social platforms.

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