Speed Up Firefox: Make your Fox run Faster

Mozilla Firefox is one of the top internet browser with more than 20 million users.Why?because it gives smooth browsing experience and various options to personalize the browser according to one’s choice.The reason why we are here is because many times Mozilla Firefox lags during browsing or crash due to some reason.The worse case where nothing is wrong but Firefox works very slowly Here is a bunch of useful stuff gathered from worlds of far and beyond(mainly from internet :p) to help you out with your quest to destroy all problems and restore balance in your Firefox browser.The information included in article can solve almost all browsing issues due to low internet connection or any other technical fault.If you are not into Firefox that much,Google Chrome is other browser equally popular like Firefox.


Google Chrome is one of the competitor for Mozilla Firefox for the throne of browser king.If you are Google Chrome user then you can check how you can do this shit.Personally I prefer Mozilla Firefox.If you share same view as me,read along.

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1.An Obvious Solution 

Like the title says, solution is in front of you. Add-ons and Plugins are one of the features provided by browser.User can customize the browser to make a tailer-made browser,which can suit their needs.Disabling Add-ons and plugins can increase performance a lot.Now you need them for different things.So disabling them when you clearly know you wont need them(for now) can help to increase the speed.If you have installed new plugins and started experiencing slow speed,it’s like wisely due to that new plugin.Disabling or uninstalling may help getting speed back.
Now let’s talk about plugin that can help improving speed. Fasterfox  is one of option to enhance browsing speed.It gives various features which you can check on their site.Other option is Fastestfox.As name suggests it gives multiple functions like paralleled downloads,improve searching,auto loading next page and much more.

If you are visiting sites with lot of advertisements,Adblock-Plus is right extension for you.It blocks almost all advertisement on sites including even YouTube.It will increase loading speed by not loading ads.But I would not recommend using it since many sites including YouTube depends on advertisements for revenue.Using the extension all time will be like stealing money from them.There is other plugin ,flashblock which blocks flash animation.Which is also good to speed up loading in Firefox.