Speed up PC Boot time by Disabling some Startup programs

PC boot time is one thing where I can’t have patience. Same would be the case with you, probably. With many things in your mind, what you’re going to do today on your PC. You just can’t wait. With only 86,400 seconds in a day. Every second counts. So, that waste of 30 seconds or may be a minute to just fully start up your windows is not worthwhile. So, here I’ll show you how to disable those start up programs to actually fully boot into windows faster that’ll save those precious seconds.

Whenever you boot into your PC literally a race gets started. The race to collect the resources by the processes of the specific program and get that program started first. You can actually check those race participants in the task bar at the bottom right corner. Also, the awesome new task manager in windows 8 has made managing tasks a much lot easier. That’s what we are going to use for disabling those start up offenders. Don’t worry Windows 7 users, there’s also a way for you guys.

Windows 8


Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and that’ll take you to another screen where you’ve gotta select Task Manager. Go to the startup tab in the task manager. There you’ll find which programs get started at booting
time with startup impact of every program in the last column. Higher the impact more the booting time. You can’t change startup impact because it’s decided by the software itself. But what you can do is just disable it. Means it will not start up during the booting time. You can open the program whenever you want. No need to run it during start up. Just right-click on the program and disable it. Low impact software won’t affect that much but you got to focus on the high impact programs.

You need to choose wisely of which programs you’re going to disable. You should not disable your antivirus
or any security software. Those will be surely of high impact because they need to update the virus definitions everyday. Well, talking of myself I was keep up Bittorrent sync and skype running at start up which I
don’t use frequently. So I disabled it. Also chrome that I was using for google now notification, also disabled it. Notification will start again when I start chrome. The point is to use the software when you really want to use it. No need to make it run during windows startup.

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Windows 7

The task manager in windows just shows up the current running tasks, performance and all that stuff. What you need to is go to Start > Startup. The startup folder contains all the third-party programs that run during booting time. So, just go ahead delete them. But, do take care as I mentioned above don’t delete very important programs like antivirus as the folder won’t show the impact the program causes during boot.
Also there’s another option using the Windows system configuration utility(sounds scary!). It’s mostly for advanced users. Press win key+R type in msconfig and press enter. Get to the startup tab and disable the programs. Well, here too you won’t find the impact thing. But, I think so you’re smart enough to choose wisely which programs you should disable.

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