Goodbye Shaky Videos! The 2 Best Ways To Stabilize Videos on Android For Free

stabilize shaky android videoSmartphone these days come out with a ton of new features but some features are here to stay. One such feature that people always look out for when buying a smartphone is its camera. Everyone wants to own a smartphone that can click good pictures and record good videos. The smartphone coming out these days are delivering just that. New features are being added to smartphone cameras that make capturing media a better experience. One such feature that has lately been seen in many high-end and mid-end smartphones is optical image stabilization. But we will not be using it to stabilize shaky android videos.

This piece of technology uses hardware of the smartphone to boost smoothness of the videos while some smartphones use inbuilt software to achieve that. However, not all smartphones are equipped with these features and some have to make do with third-party video stabilization apps. If your phone is also missing this feature and if you have been relying on third party apps until now on your Android smartphone, do not worry. You prayers are heard!

Google Photos:

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Google Photos recently rolled out an update which will now fix all your uploaded shaky videos. The update, that was rolled out recently is now available for use on the Google Photos Android app. Using this feature, you can now fix videos that are shaky.

The app uses electronic stabilization instead of the optical stabilization, which means the already recorded video will be cropped to a small extent. Although the result wouldn’t be as smooth as the one you’d get from OIS(optical image stabilization) but hey, it’s not too bad for post processing. Now, heading to the big question:

How to use it inside the Google Photos app?

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Just play the video you want to stabilize inside the Google Photos app on your mobile device and tap on the pen icon while the video is playing. This will bring up the editing options where you have to tap on the “Stabilize” option. Then, the process will start which takes time depending on the length and the resolution of the video. It’s just as simple as that. We Stabilized¬†a resolution video about few seconds long and it took Google Photos around the same time to do that. After the stabilization, the video will come out pretty neat and stable. Although a minimal part of the video was cropped off to make it look less shaky but you will indeed be satisfied by the results.

Video Smoother Stabilizer: Another Alternative

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While it is as good as any other option to use Google Photos to stabilize your videos, a lot of third party apps out there do the job equally well. One such as is the Video Smoother Stabilizer, available on the Play Store for free. This is another app used to stabilize shaky android videos for free.

The app has great functionality. You can stabilize existing videos from your gallery. You can even capture new videos directly from the app itself to record stabilized videos. The app also doubles as a video converter which just makes things better. A very useful feature of the app is that you can select the resolution of the output video, although it is pretty obvious that you can only tone it down though. The app is fairly easy to use and all the features just make it worth your while. The original resolution, original audio and the original orientation of the video can be left untouched if you want to. Even the FPS (frames per second) rate remains the same which is something we rarely see in video editors.

The Features:

The app supports a ton of video formats such as .mts, .m4v, .wmv, .mkv, .vob, .swf, .mpg, .asf, .swf, .avi, .3gp, .mp4, .mpeg, .mpg and .gopro. The app does not only stabilize shaky android videos. It can also fix any other unwanted effects such as uneven horizontal and vertical panning, rotation and zooming. All these effects will smoothen out, making it look like you’re a pro at shooting videos. The Video Smoother Stabilizer uses the previous and the next frame with its optimized algorithm to fill in the black spaces that may arise during stabilization. So there’s no chance of finding out the video has been stabilized post shooting.

So these were two ways to fix and stabilize shaky android videos on your smartphone. Think we missed out some better way to do that? Get back to us using the comments section below and stay tuned for more updates.

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