Start Your Women Centric E-commerce Website Today with Responsive Design

Women love styling and fashion and love following the trend and looking beautiful. That is so very feminine a thing about women which most woman would agree to for being in that common group. That is one big reason too that women love trading in all fashion and styling related items too. Dresses, jewelry, makeup, and accessories are the various things women truly take an interest in. And, one or the other thing surely attract the woman of all age groups, background or profession.

Hence, if you are a woman and you love style and fashion, and also take a similar interest in trading of such items, then you are very much on the right track. Doing marketing for such items as a woman yourself is great. Men speaking about makeup and styling is also okay. But when a woman speaks, another woman buys the ideas and interests much more for being addressed by a lady. That is why women are highly successful in marketing their style and fashion products. Whether you sell it online or offline, in a brick and mortar shop, from your boutique, from your home, or try drop shipping, – it always turns out to be great and joyful. But to maintain this success and feeling of joy from the profession, you must keep in mind the changing trend too.

Observe the changing trend and flow with it

The trend in digital marketing is changing and changing faster than ever. Once what was only important to be showcased on Facebook, needs to be showcased even more than before from many more angles with many more close and distant pictures on Instagram. And that is how things are rapidly changing. And one more thing is also changing with it. That’s the way visitors access the internet, surf through web pages, take decisions, order online, and track orders online.

Basically, all of these things can now be done, and the whole e-commerce thing can be managed online from a small device, and that is a smartphone. The whole world is now focused on bringing even better versions of the current day smartphone, and that is because of the immense success of this device in all spheres. One of the spheres among them is internet access, web surfing, and social sharing, and obviously commerce. Statistics strongly show how much people order online from their smartphones through the mobile version of the website or an app. And this is the changing trend that you will have to utilize and grab.

How smartphones are used in current day web surfing and e-commerce

The current statistics say it prominently that mobile traffic to websites is as good as computer-based traffic. This means an equal number of people access websites through their smartphones as people do from their desktops and laptops. And this is very important data. More statistics reveal that as of 2018, 40% of the smartphone-based web surfers will turn off from your website and go to your rival after they have had a poor surfing experience with your mobile site. Also 84% users face difficulties in transacting online through the mobile sites, and then they get turned off towards that specific site and service. This data reveals the scopes and chances of failures too. It shows how many people gets disappointed with a mobile version of a site, and this means the mobile version needs improvement. The data also reveals how many people are dependent on smartphones for surfing and shopping online. The data also reveals that there is a huge scope for an e-commerce site to get attention and become a hit for users who primarily use their smartphones for online shopping and web surfing.

What should you do like the female marketer?

All the data above indicates one thing quite prominently, and that is the requirement to have an e-commerce site for your business which will be responsive. A mobile responsive design indicates a website design which will adapt the site to fit any sized screen of small devices like mobiles and tablets. Smartphones also do come in various screen sizes. And tablets also vary in screen size. And the ideal responsive site will look great in all screen sizes with the option to be zoomed in and out as required so that the visitors get a great user experience from the website.

Moreover, the site must load quick enough to avoid impatient waiting of the users. Other important considerations are great e-commerce portal for successful and smooth online payments and transactions, and great product viewing with easy image loading. Especially in e-commerce, the importance of quick image viewing and loading is immense. If users do not get an image loaded in seconds or split seconds, they would be annoyed and leave the site after a few attempts. As the female marketer, your job is to ensure these properties on your website. If you can implement them on the site, you are bound to succeed sooner or later with the other digital marketing tactics which you would use continuously for promotion.


While marketing as a female, you will get a special response in women-centric products and you would enjoy this too. It’s great to endorse products for women by yourself being a woman. You can connect to customers better, answer queries better, understand customer concerns better, and hence can succeed much better as the marketer and the business owner too.

With that said, you must find a designer and web developer to work on your site from scratch with the motto to build it as a totally mobile friendly site primarily. Mobile friendly sites have that kind of dedicated layout for easy opening on smartphones, easy viewing, and quick functioning. And you must get the site tested again and again for all such operations before you finally launch it and start marketing for it. The better you make the site today, the smoother you plan your e-commerce and marketing future against it. And this would justify your job role as the female digital marketing professional.

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