How to Make Shift, Alt and Ctrl Keys Toggle like Caps Lock

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Windows operating system have a built-in feature which gives more easy access to your keyboard. Now the keyboard is a piece of hardware and don’t actually require “access” like any system tools or software. What I meant is a feature that gives more control over keyboard.

Sticky Keys is:

  • one of the feature that gives access to some keyboard functions  that keyboard can not perform physically.
  • a feature designed to help users with disability.
  • helps the user who is having difficulties holding down two or multiple keys at once.

Sticky Keys was implemented in windows decades ago and you may already know about it, especially if you are a gamer. But this post is about those people who don’t spend much time on computer and may not know about it.

So what is StickyKeys? It’s a option that makes Shift , Ctrl & Alt keys toggle , just like Caps Lock key. To put it simply , You can press Shift , Alt or Ctrl keys once instead of holding them down and take your time to press other key.  Instead of holding multiple keys , user can press keys one after other.

Enable / Disable StickyKeys :


1. Click Start and go to Control Panel.

2. “Switch to Classic View” in left side of Control Panel if you are seeing Large icons. (In Windows XP)

Select “Large icons” or “Small icons” in View By settings in top-right corner to see all settings. ( In Windows 7)

3. Click “ Ease Of Access Center” .

4. Now click the option ” Make the keyboard easier to use” from settings list.

5.  Check the box      : ” Turn on Sticky Keys” to enable Sticky Keys.

Uncheck the box  : ” Turn on Sticky Keys” to disable Sticky Keys.

6.  You can explore additional options in ” Set up Sticky Keys” if you want to play around with it.

7.  Note that this steps are applicable to all new Windows versions , just the names are little different depending on Windows version.

The StickyKeys settings can also be changed using only Keyboard. It’s not included in post since almost everyone uses mouse ( and I am being lazy , I admit). The steps can be found on official Windows website.

Reference : Using StickyKeys


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