How to Disable GIF Animations in any Browser

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Animated GIFs are one of the things that can affect the browsing experience of the Internet. Why is that? It automatically loads with the page and starts auto-playing. It increases the overall page loading time but apart from that, those animated images keeps going on and on and on. No one prefers watching same thing over and over again. Though some GIF specific sites like Giphy give options to stop auto-playing.

It’s not possible to block or disable all the animated images, whichever the browser. But there are some tweaks to put a stop on them. Though, not completely. Some messing around with browser can help with that. But there are always browser plugins/extensions which can serve as a last resort. So, here the best plugins and extensions to stop GIFs are displayed for specific web browser.

Disable GIF images in Mozilla Firefox :

Firefox browser can completely block all the animated images but it will also put a permanent stop on animation. To watch any animated images ( you know you do like to sneak a peek) , the changes in settings have to reverted back. To block them :


1. Type about:config in navigation bar ( Where you enter website name) and hit Enter.

2. Search for : animation & Double click on image.animation.mode.

3. Default value is “normal”. Remove it and type ” none” (without quotes) and click Ok.

4. With this all the animated images will be blocked.

5. Reverse the process & change value back to “normal” to unblock the animation.

The other option is to use a plugin named Toggle Animated GIF.

Toggle Animated GIF : This plugin will give options to toggle the animation. The shortcuts can be created to play & pause animation. Also one of the useful function is to play animation on Mouse hover. Pretty easy & Simple to use. But as mentioned earlier , it will not work on all the animated images.

FlashBlock : This plugin will stop animation if it’s in flash format. Give it a try.

Block GIF images in Opera :

Opera have built-in option to block the animated GIF. To do so :

1. Press F12 Key located on top of the keyboard.

2. Uncheck the option : “Enable GIF/SVG animation” .

3. And you are done!

Disabling GIF images in Google Chrome :

Unfortunately Chrome browser don’t have any inbuilt options for this task. It is also not possible to tweak settings , just like Mozilla Firefox. There are some extensions for it but then again , they are not the perfect solution.

GIF Blocker : It will block all the visible GIF on any page.  The blocked GIF images can be seen by clicking on it , but it’s not possible to stop it again.One of the limitation of this extension.

Paused! :  The extension will pause the GIF animated images once page stop loading. The animated image can be play again by clicking on it. It do not works all the time , but beggars can’t be choosers.  It is one of the possible solution to deal with the Animated GIF .

Gif Jam : This extension will just switch any animation with a image containing first frame of the animation.

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Stop GIF images in Internet Explorer :

Just download and switch to either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. This will help in dealing with many issues. (BTW, it’s dead already with launch of Edge Browser in Windows 10.)

Mozilla Firefox||Google Chrome 

  1. Which version of Opera are the instructions for?

    I used version 12 until now, partly because it could block GIFs. But now I updated it to version 33 and I cannot find i anymore.

    F12 on its own does nothing. Ctrl-F12 opens a “setting” tab, but I don’t see there anything related.

    Any idea?

  2. Hi is there any way to block Giffs on iphone 7 ios12 in WhatsApp? I’ve searched the internet for hours for a software that can do this but can’t seem to find anything, there must be something out there? Help would be much appreciated.


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