How to Prevent Windows 10 from Installing on Your Computer


Microsoft is being so harsh with Windows 10 upgrade. It’s pushing the update to your Windows 7 and 8.1 PC regardless of you having reserved a copy for it or not. Microsoft sent an update back in June, which installed an Application named Get Windows 10.

The update was KB 3035583. Well, it was fine because it didn’t install Windows 10 until you told it to. But later in July after launch, Users found around 6GB of storage was used by some anonymous content in their main system drive. That anonymous content was Windows 10 itself.

It silently got downloaded without user permission in a folder called $WINDOWS.~BT. Users had to delete the folder to recover the space back. But, that didn’t stop the application from downloading Windows 10 again.

In order to stop it you’ll have to uninstall and hid the update KB 3035583. Well, it might get installed again in regular updates because this update has been marked as “important” from “optional”. Also, if you’ve already uninstalled it and you get that windows 10 icon again then it’s probably a new version of the Get windows 10 has arrived. So, you go to found it out and do the same thing of uninstalling and hiding it.


In order to uninstall the update. Go to Control Panel -> System & Security -> Windows Update -> Under See Also section select Installed updates -> Double tap on an update to uninstall it. To hide the update from Windows update just right click on it and hide update.

Despite of it being free with awesome features, some users might not want to upgrade. Reasons being some old software that still doesn’t support or work well in windows 10 or it might be the terrible privacy issues. Microsoft has no right to install Windows 10 without user’s permission. It’s up to the user if he wants it or not.

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