4 Super Mario Run Alternatives For Android And iOS Devices

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Ever since Super Mario Run came out for mobile gaming platforms through its release on iOS, people have been going crazy about it. The game, which was in the pipeline for a long time was finally unveiled for iOS devices by Nintendo back in December 2016. Since then, it has been getting a huge number of downloads. However, it is only getting more praises on the Apple App store. Compared to iOS, the Android version received lukewarm ratings but it didn’t stop the zealous fans from playing the Super Mario Run on their android devices. While the game is fun, there are few not-so-popular competitors out there which can be equally entertaining as the Super Mario Run. While we may be late, here are our picks on the best Super Mario Run alternatives.

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The Top 4 Games Like Super Mario Run For Android & iOS:

1. Rayman Adventures:

Super Mario Run alternatives rayman adventures

If there are truly a Super Mario Run Alternatives, the Rayman Adventures would be top on the list. The game takes you on a journey through the medieval forest from where enchanted eggs have been stolen. Your purpose or rather Rayman’s purpose in this game is to collect as many eggs as possible. Collecting the eggs gives lots of score points. You can then use these points to power up. Along the way, you also have to face and protect yourself from the creatures of the jungle. The creature includes but not limited to are minotaurs, bandits and so on. The game has interesting and vivid animations that make up for an interesting and intriguing gameplay.

The game has interesting and vivid animations that make up for an interesting and intriguing gameplay. There are also a variety of stages which you can explore and unlock their hidden secrets. You can travel through different mysterious islands, haunted medieval castles, and much more amazing places!

The game is available for both Android & iOS devices.

Download for iOS: Rayman Adventures from iTunes

Download for Android: Rayman Adventures from Play Store

2. Super Cat Bros:

super mario run alternatives super cat bros

Cats have fascinated humans for a long time and incorporating one into a game sounds like a fun idea, no? That’s what the makers of Super Cat Bros think at least. In this another game like Super Mario Run, you play the role of a cute, cuddly black and white cat who travels across a fantasy world. Your job is to help your cat to collect points, tackle enemies and make it across levels. The game might be one of a Super Mario Run alternatives, but it has added controls which make it even more interesting.

Unlike Super Mario Run, your character has the liberty to jump, move left and right and even climb walls. The best part is that it is not automated. Yeah, we are looking at you, Super Mario Run. The controls for the game have been designed for keeping the mobile usage in mind. A design, to keep you engrossed in the game as your cat travels across different zones.

Unfortunately, The game is only available for Android devices and currently lacking an iOS version.

Download from: Play Store

3. Smurfs Epic Run:

super mario run alternatives smurfs

Smurfs are always a delight to see and if you could control them on your Android smartphone as one of a Super Mario Run alternatives, wouldn’t that be fun? The Smurfs Epic Run lets you do exactly that. This game lets you choose your favorite smurf character and then you have to run through picturesque levels, inspired by the original Smurfs comic books. There is also the collecting of points and jumping over obstacles. The gameplay is quite simple with just a couple of controls on the screen that allow your character to run, jump, glide and much more. The graphics are quite engaging and keep the user glued to the game for a long time. The game features more than 100 levels, through which you have to gather enough points to free your other smurf friends.

The game features more than 100 levels, through which you have to gather enough points to free your other smurf friends. Freeing the captured Smurfs unlocks the epic new powers. As mentioned in one of the old saying “with the great power comes the great responsibility”, the player can use the newly unlocked epic powers to further increase their high score on each level. There is also an option to customize Smurfs with companions, rings, and various artifacts.

The game can be enjoyed on both the Android & iOS devices.

Download for Android: Smurfs Epic Run

Download for iOS: from iTunes

4. Wind-Up Knight 2

super mario run alternatives wind up knight2

The graphics might make it look like the game is very amateur and in its early alpha stage of development. But once you download and experience the Wind-Up Knight 2, all your doubts will be cleared. The game features a wind-up knight that has to run across multiple levels and collect wind up keys for it to keep running. You die if you hit an obstacle or your wind-up energy runs out before you get to a wind-up key. The game scenario is in the castle.

The low-grade graphics might confuse you about the game’s rating at first but once you start playing, the game is quite appealing and the graphic designers seem to have gone with the motto “less is more”. The game also features numerous side-quests. The side quests boost the overall gameplay hours. The purpose is to keep you away from getting bored. It will keep the game interesting throughout all your gameplay.

The game is available for both Android & iOS devices.

Download for iOS: Wind-Up Knight 2 from iTunes

Download for Android: Wind-Up Knight 2 from Play store

So these were some of the games you can try out as the Super Mario Run Alternatives. It may also ignite your gaming spirit if you have already gotten too bored of playing it on your mobile devices. Think we missed out on any other game which can be a part of  Super Mario Run alternatives? Use the comments section down below to get back to us and stay tuned for more.

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