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Super Mario Run Support Code Error 804-5100 Fix

Nintendo just released Super Mario Run on Android a few days back and it’s already popping up errors. One of the recent errors that users are facing is the Support Code Error 804-5100. This error pops up after a few hours of gameplay and won’t let users proceed with the game. The error shows up with the code and user has to forcefully go back to the main menu. Even after going to the main menu it won’t fix. The error keeps showing up, not allowing the users to play the game.

Based on the issue posted on the Super Mario Run support forum, users with root access are mainly facing this error. This might be a security issue. The support team hasn’t replied to this thread on the forum yet and the issue is not totally fixed. Some users have come up with some workarounds that users can apply to their rooted phones.

Reasons for Error 804-5100

There can be many reasons for this error as the app is still not officially available on the Play Store. First, it requires Android 4.2 and above devices and it might also be incompatible with your device for some reasons. It could be device specific error or as mentioned above a security issue for rooted phones.

Possible Fix for Support Code Error 804-5100

As suggested by users in the forum, try clearing App Data from the settings. Open ‘App Info’ of the game and you should find the option – ‘Clear Data’. This will clear all the game data and also clear the cache. Well, this means that previously saved gameplay will be deleted and you’ll have to start over again. But, this should probably fix the error.

There is another fix which can be applied on rooted phones. It requires you edit an XML file related to the game.

  • Open a Root explorer that can let you access root files. You can use ES File explorer or Solid Explorer.
  • Remove the Game from the Task Manager. The app should not be running in the background.
  • Navigate to the following location: /data/data/
  • Delete the deviceAccount:.xml file and start the game.


Well, the main reason Nintendo released the Game so late on Android is bugs and errors. Android is available on a variety of devices, unlike iOS. So, bugs and error like this one are inevitable. Also, Android is not the most secure system on the planet so Nintendo seems to be quite skeptical about it. The game provides in-app purchases so security will always be a concern. However, if the above fix worked for you then let us know down in the comments. We will update this article as soon we get an official fix from Nintendo.

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