5 Essential Tactics to Increase Social Media Following of Your Small Business

Of course, every small business owner wants to be an influencer and develop ideas, grow his audience, and client base. But everything is not as easy as we want it to be. After we start building social media presence, we realize that not everything works as well as we hoped.

Being an influencer and source of inspiration for other people is a big challenge and hard work. You should provide experience and motivate your readers to action and success in some particular area. For example, Edu Birdie bloggers are influencers in the academic writing field.

Thus, you want to find free ways to build your own army of social media followers and fans but just don’t know where to start? Or you’ve already started but something goes wrong, and your accounts are still empty, and without any interaction. Thus, these five simple but very important tips will help you to grow your audience.

1. Use Tools and Software

Did you ever wonder how much time people spend on building their social media and just posting every day for few posts on all platforms possible? Well, if those successful people decide to do it themselves, it would take them hours and days with no time to do their main job.

Yes, followers want to follow just active and interesting accounts. To build your audience, you need to post constantly and on time. And there are lots of various tools and software that can help you to reach this top.

First of all, be clear about your analytics. If there is no built-in analytical tool on your platform, you need to apply it from the outside. Besides that, there is a great range of different tools for cross posting. It means you can make a plan or a whole campaign for your post on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. It will give you the opportunity to focus on your main job instead of just posting on social media.

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2. Cooperation with Influencers

Before you became an influencer by yourself, you have to become a friend or at least an object of interest for those influencers who already reached the highest level. Try to monitor your specific niche and find all the influencers who already work there. What are they talking about and how it is possible to reach them?

You can start just commenting under their posts, giving advice and becoming a well-known figure among others. Sooner or later someone will notice you. Do not forget to share and retweet those popular tweets. Try to become a part of their engagement.


3. Advertise with Bloggers

The best way for small business advertising is blogging. These days when bloggers got their place in almost every niche that is possible, you will easily find dozens of blogs of various levels to advertise with.

Bloggers, especially successful ones, built their audience consistently and you can get a great piece of it for your own business. This thing works especially great for small fields of business, for example, some particular handmade.

Just a few different mentions and advertising posts on successful blogs will help you to get your business and social media noticed.

4. Shoot Videos

You need to create your own videos. Modern society, especially those people who are extremely into social media, loves videos. And today all social media slowly become more and more into videos, and we must work with it immediately until it is too late.

Shot everything you can. Your working process, some funny stories would do a great job for your social media accounts and make them recognizable among your potential customers. If you don’t believe me, just look on your wall on Facebook. What do you see more than anything else there? Right, video content over and over again. That is why being not an image but a video your post has more relevance for the social media. And these tendencies keep strong.


5. Be Consistent

All those points are useless without consistency. It should be present in every move of your strategy. No matter how hard you will try, but without consistency of your actions, you will just waste your time. Take your time, choose your course, and then follow it straight.

Do not take it and leave after a pause or fail. Just do your job and be consistent all the time with no exceptions.


Apply these tactics and see what works for you and what doesn’t. Trial and error is a part of the process. Don’t give up on a method until you fail on it several times. Not all methods will fit your audience. But, always keep trying something new because the unique always gets noticed. Let us know down in the comments of what do you think about these tactics and how did they work out for you.

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