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How to Mirror and Share Android Screen Across Devices

[caption id="attachment_1057" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Full screenshot of my Mirrored Samsung Tablet.[/caption] Are you looking for something lightweight that can easily mirror you android screen across devices? Then here's a Chrome App Vysor that can let you mirror your android smartphone's screen across multiple devices. And,...

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SpaceTime 3D

  SpaceTime 3D is a website or putting it more precisely , a web-based application which customize searching on the web. Searching through Google can sometimes be a little bit annoying. Going to one website from another website while looking for a particular piece of ...

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Flow Home Beta Review

"LAUNCHERS". The best alternative to changing the look and feel for your android device, if you're afraid or not capable of rooting and installing a custom firmware. So, we have a new player entered into this game of  launchers. Well, not new. Was launched back...

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