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Inbound links or backlinks are like a boomerang; they always return to your page and depend on what quality linking you give other web pages. More like a favor in case of internal/partner websites. The more backlinks your website has, the more popular it is on search engines and higher is its importance in the search engine ranking.

The Mechanism

Search Engines, prominently Google gives more credit to websites with more backlinks and considers those with having more relevance to search queries.

For example, if your website has relevant information about home loans and you link build for relevant information on other internal websites with important information, then there are chances that the designated websites would reciprocate by building links to relevant pages on your website. In the case of anchor texts, the URL link is internally linked/ hyperlinked to either a keyword or a phrase which would give an idea of what information the user can access when taken redirected to the associated page.

Your Webpage Will Be Judged

Just having multiple backlinks to your page won’t do the trick for you. In fact, Google always tests if they are quality links and if the page linked has relevant information that the link gives an impression about. The content of both the source website and the backlinked website will be judged just to ensure that the readers looking for information are not being misled. There is no point in putting an anchor text saying home loan advantages and linking it to a page that has information on stocks and shares.

Building a Strategy

Obtaining higher rankings through backlinks on search engines is easier when compared to external backlinks. It is difficult to convince or influence other websites to include backlinks to your website. This is the reason why search engine algorithms prioritize inbound links.

It is important to build a strategy on how the linking is done organically, a good study of the same using reference websites such as would help initially. A word of caution though is that including too many backlinks on your web pages can raise many suspicions and this may lead to search engine penalties. Reciprocal links have been helpful in many cases in giving importance to both the linking site and the linked site that have a similar business nature and mutual benefits. There may be many impending risks and complexities related to this mechanism which need to be considered.

An example is when a seller has products featured on Amazon, and he has his own blogging page or web store, he can provide reciprocal links on his description on the Amazon seller page as well as his blog page to make customers visit these pages.

Watch Out for Bad Links

If the backlinks lead to broken links or bad pages, the search engine will negatively rank the website providing the link. It is always a good idea to keep a check on the linked web page to see if it is functional or not broken. It is also advisable to check if clicking on the link on the host webpage does not take a user to unauthorized or malicious sites or lead to automatic downloading of viruses.

Bad links may lead to the discounting of reciprocal links by the search engine. One rule of thumb to avoid bad links is to choose websites that you would promote using link building and would want a favor in return from that do not have many outbound links on a single page. This is one bad SEO technique to be implemented and the website can be blacklisted leading to collateral damage.

What Not to Do

Another backlinking mechanism not to do is to avoid backlinking to too many web pages using the same IP address. If you have multiple partner websites, and you have too many links on your hosting page to those websites, then the practice is called backlink bombing. Search Engines usually keep track of this and your attempt to overdo the linking from the same IP will be labeled as Manipulation. Keep the backlinking from the same IP to a minimum threshold to keep the process intact while also following the rules.

What to Do

Track your backlinks! Doing so will help you determine which sites associate back and which keywords on your web pages need to be used as anchor texts to provide the backlink to your related website(s). A Domain Stats tool shows you the backlinks of a domain in search engines. Using this tool has other beneficial tracking advantages like determining how many pages on your website have been indexed, Open Directory Listings of your pages, and traffic ranking on Alexa.

Backlink Builder Tools facilitate optimal backlink building with the statistics of which quality backlinks are significant for your website. These tools help to analyze which websites are likely to use backlinks to your website by using relevant keyword searches. You can then work on a strategy to determine which of these sites would provide quality backlinks and incorporate backlinks to their websites on your web pages to initiate the process. You could even avoid bad quality backlinking pages by avoiding irrelevant websites.

Another worthy tool is the Backlink Anchor Text Analysis Tool that will help find the backlinks to your website and tells you which texts are used to do the backlinking. If quality texts with relevant keywords are not used for backlinking, then your quality backlinks score could go down.

The Moment of Truth

In reality, it actually depends on where a webmaster would be using the backlinking text on their web page for getting to your website. There are some really effective ways of backlink building you could always follow one or a combination of methods best suited for the requirements of your website promotions. Never underestimate competitors when following backlinking strategies as well. The apt location of using backlinks on your web pages also matter in representing the linked website.

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