Tech Know-How: Why use C# in your upcoming IT Project?

Among many other languages which are used for programming, C# is one the young and evolving languages, which is becoming favorite of this generation as well. So, in this post, we will start from the beginning and see what is this language what are the features related to it along with its scope in the IT industry. In the first, we will see what is this language?

What is C#?

It is general object-oriented programming (OOP) language which is used for networking and Web development. C# is known as a common language infrastructure (CLI) language.

Going by the history of this language, in January 1999, Dutch software engineer Anders Hejlsberg made a team to develop C# which will be a complement to Microsoft’s NET framework. In the beginning, it was developed as a C-like Object Oriented Language (Cool). But to avert the potential trademark issues, its name was changed to C Sharp. Later in January 2000, NET was released as C#. The NET framework is there which promotes multiple Web technologies.

If we look at the # in the name, it is there which is derived from the musical sharp key, which denotes a one semitone pitch increase. C# is pronounced as C Sharp. The language has inherited some of the features of basic languages like C and C++ which includes:

– C# comes with a strict Boolean data variable type, such as bool, but in the case of C++, the bool variable types may be returned as integers or pointers. It is done to avoid some programming errors.
– Using the garbage collector, this language is able to manage inaccessible object memory automatically. This helps in eliminating developer concerns and the memory leak is also avoided.
– Also, C# is much safer than C++ and has safe default conversions. They are implemented during compile or runtime.

Now you must be thinking why one should go for this language as there are many programming languages already available for coding? o here we have some of the arguments which support the fact that it can be one of the great languages which you can learn, these are:

C# is simpler

Languages like Java and C++ have some of the pitfalls which make the coding a bit difficult for the programmers. This includes removal of macros, templates, multiple inheritances, and virtual base classes. As this language is based on Java and C++, it is quite simple and if you have a little bit knowledge of any of these then it becomes easier for you to learn this language. It eliminates redundancies.

C# is modern

There are some of the features which should be present in a modern language like exception handling, garbage collection, extensible data types, and code security and all these features are present in this language. Hence, it can be regarded as one of the modern languages.

C# is Object-oriented

Features like encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism make any language object-oriented and nowadays all the programmers look for the object-oriented programming language as they are easy to code and understand. The language is an object-oriented language when it uses the real-life object in the coding that makes it easy for the programmer to design the application.

C# is powerful and flexible

There is nothing which you cannot do with this language; the only limit to this language is your imagination. There are no constraints which are present in this language. Various kinds of diverse tasks like creating word processors, graphics, spreadsheets, and also creating compilers for other languages can also be done using this language.

Limited keyword in C#

There are only a handful of terms which are used in this language that makes it a simple language as mentioned above. There are few keywords which are used to describe information.
This language is continuously evolving and there are some of the points which are coming in this language with the new versions coming one after another.

Version Year Key features introduced

1.0 –  Jan 2002
1.2 – Oct 2003  – Modern, object-oriented, type-safe, automatic memory management, versioning control
2.0 – Sept 2005  – Introduction to Generics, anonymous types, delegate interface, and partial classes
3.0  – Aug 2007  – Object and collection initializers, auto-implemented properties, implicit types, query and lambda expressions, expression trees, partial methods and also extension methods.
4.0  – April 2010 – Dynamic binding is there, named and optional arguments, Embedded interop types, Generic covariance, and Contravariance,
5.0  – June 2013  – Async methods, Caller info Attributes
6.0 – July 2015  – Roslyn, filters of exception, Await in catch/finally block, auto property initializer, string interpolation, the operator name, dictionary initializer
7.0  – 2016  – Record types, local functions, Async streams, pattern matching

Is C# ensures a bright future?

The answer to this will be yes, as this would ensure a good career if done with proper dedication and practice. You can take the C# coding test and get a steady hand on this language. Also, there are some points which make sure that this language holds a good future for the coder:
– You can use any editor of your choice for writing any code in C#.
– The language C# has become an open source now
– This language is supported on all types of pc including Windows, Mac, and Linux
– There are many things which are used which can be done using C# including Windows client apps, Windows Store apps, iOS apps, and Android apps. This is also used to build backend and middle-tier frameworks and also the libraries.

So there are a number of reasons which make this language a good choice for a number of programmers. This is the new emerging language and becoming so much popular. As this is an open source to code, C# is getting community involvement and also some new features are being decided by the community. You can definitely say with all these points that there is a bright future in this language and can be a good option if you are trying to a good coder profile.

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