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If you’re wondering how to come up with the right domain name for your online business, you have come to the right place. You might have already read several blog posts talking about tips on choosing a domain name but we doubt if anywhere you find the information on the use of language technology for domain name search. This is what we’re going to learn in our today’s post.If you watch ‘Game of Thrones’, probably Daenerys Targaryen is your favorite character. But can you memorize her full name? We guess no! Because her full title is quite long, not so catchy and difficult to remember.

Now think of a domain name having several words that are not so catchy. Do you think your audience will be able to remember it? We guess no! Therefore, it is advisable to go with the name that is easy to spell and pronounce so that your users can easily remember it and share it when speaking and writing.

Language Plays Crucial Role in Good Domain Name Creation

Searching Domain Names

If you have already tried your hand at registering a domain name, most probably you know how difficult this whole process is! It is frustrating to see that all the simple, good and popular domain names are already taken.

Usually, when we try to register a domain name at a domain name registrar’s website we see most of the good names are already taken.

Let’s say you are looking to register the name ‘’. You type this name in the search box and hit the ‘Search’ button. Whoops, it is already picked! Now, what are the options available for you?

Well, we humans have the ability to manipulate language. While searching for alternatives to ‘films’ and ‘ratings’, you can substitute words with their synonyms. For instance, the word ‘film’ can be replaced with ‘movie’ and ‘rantings’ with ‘ranking’.

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Use of Domain Name Generator Tools

If we take a look at the history of domain name search tools, we find in the beginning, there were tools called name spinners and generators. These tools were capable of using language rules and combining words to generate a new list of names. These domain name search tools could change singular nouns to plurals and add some common prefixes and suffixes like best, online, my, etc.

However, the one major disadvantage of these tools was, they used to offer very limited suggestions.

Still, most domain registrars use this old technology although they have added more sophisticated language technologies in it now.

Today’s tools can generate thousands of suggestions for any given keyword with a more better sense.

Nowadays, there are numerous domain name generating tools available in the market that can automate the whole domain name search process. Such tools are quite user-friendly and surprisingly helpful.

These tools are not replacing the humans but minimizing their effort to find an accurate domain name that has correct use of language. For example, Hostinger DNS tool is a popular domain name search tool that helps you find unique domain name ideas. Even if you are running out of ideas, you just need to put your potential keyword in the search bar and click on ‘Check it’ button.

The tool will check out the availability for your desired domain name and will come up with some great domain name ideas that probably you couldn’t think. To access this DNS tool, you may visit this URL=

Effective Strategies to Choose the Right Domain Name

No matter in which online business you are, you should look for a domain name that can give your business a unique identity over the World Wide Web. It should help your website generate more traffic and prospective customers.

Let’s have a glance at strategies that can help you choose the right domain name for your business.

#1 Linguistic Design

Most people searching for domain names take it back seat but it holds a great importance. Check out the following general guidelines on a linguistic design that you can keep in mind when domain name search.

– Always choose a domain name that appeals to the senses in the right manner.

Good example- Twitter

Not Good example- BookGoo

-Make right use of metaphor

Good example- PageFlakes

Bad example-Fairtilizer

-You should make every piece count

Good example- YouTube

Bad example- LiftPort

#2 Brandable or Discoverable

We see most newbies often get confused between these two options. Well, if you want to rely majorly on organic search results, you may go for a discoverable domain name. However, it is not necessary always. Even if your site has a brandable name, it may rank well in search engine results if it is full of relevant content.

Discoverable domain names are only necessary for website owners counting on ‘type-in’ traffic.

#3 Put Names Together

Unless you have a big budget to spend on a domain name you would not like to go for a single-word domain name. Nevertheless, you can put the names together and still get good ranking and reputation. Some good examples of it are YouTube, Microsoft, Facebook etc.

You may also look for tweaked words. Some popular examples of the same are Flickr, iPhone, Zune, etc.

Final Thoughts

Use of right language is quite important when choosing a domain name.

We hope this post will help you choose the right domain your business. If you are using any particular strategy to find a domain name, it would be appreciable if you can share that with us in the following comment section.

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