Top Tech News: Nexus 5X on sale, Google Launches New Project, Windows 10 Ads and More

Facebook will warn you if Government attacks your Account


Facebook is taking security concerns with the rise in Facebook accounts getting compromised. Today, Facebook launched a new feature to notify when Government agents try to snoop your accounts. This will send you a notification that your account was targeted by someone working on behalf of nation-state. Facebook’s Chief Security Officer Alex says that company constantly monitors for any malicious activity. But, they want to be more transparent by letting the users know of the activity.¬†High-profile account will be the top targets. So, Facebook want you to activate the two-factor approvals.

Accelerated Mobile Pages: Google’s New Project to Make Mobile web load faster

Google launches : AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages). Calling it AMP HTML. This a initiative by Google to make Mobile web pages load much faster than ever. A website that might be taking 3 seconds to load will take milliseconds with AMP. Take a look at demo provided by Google. The Framework is made entirely of existing web technologies. Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress,, Adobe Analytics and Linkedin have already agreed to integrate the technology into their system. Read More at Google’s official blog.

Microsoft wants you to give a Shot to Edge and Groove music


In the latest Windows 10 Insiders build 10568 brought just some minor changes which included a prompt when you changed the default apps for your browser or music player. Microsoft wants you to give Edge and Groove music a shot. Well, personally I like Groove music. Edge browser is great. But, it won’t become my daily browser until plugin support is available. I use chrome mainly because of extensions.

Windows 10 Start Menu includes Ads


Windows 10 insider build 10565 included Ads inside the start menu, which they are calling it Suggestion. Some people on internet are making it big issues, given for the fact that there’s option for users to turn off the suggestions. Simply right click on the suggestion and you’ll find the option. Mostly windows store apps are shown in the suggestions. “Windows 10 Ads” might come into existence considering it’s a windows 10 a free upgrade.

Google Nexus 5X on sale


Google Nexus 5x is now available in US, UK, Canada, India, Korea and Japan from $379. This mid-range flagship holds a 1080p display, 13 MP camera, Snapdragon 808 processor and Nexus imprint fingerprint reader. It’s THE smartphone you can buy below $400. It also available on Google store.

Popcorn Time’s Team splits up

The future of Popcorn Time looks shaky. The main developers behind have left the development team. “Sv244” the man behind development of Android TV application posted on forum about his departure. His absence will live Android Tv Application a parentless child. Alongside “Samuel86” in charge of Desktop application development announced his departure saying that the project for him is no longer feasible legally or morally. Others developers include “David Lemarier(phnz)” and “KsaRedFx”.

Web Version of Popcorn Time is now Available

Apart from departures one of the Popcorn Time developer created the web version of the application. If you know the application is only available for desktop and mobile devices. The link is No login required. The web version is developed by 15 year old Serbian programmer Milan Kragujevic which cloned the website project that was shutdown last year due to legal issues. “It’s like Netflix in your browser, but totally illegal”.

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