The Best Firefox Addons : All Categories

Mozilla Firefox is one of the top browser used by web surfers all over the world. The Firefox is pretty good in itself but what makes it more awesome is its supported library filled with thousands of unique add-on and extensions. The different extensions makes surfing on Firefox very interesting.But there are so many extensions so which one to choose?The answer is right here: install each and every Add-on. Actually there is no need for that. Down below is a catalog of  best add-on recommended by many users. The catalog is divided into various categories for better searching.


Adblock Plus: Its a great tool for blocking any online advertising on any site. The add-on blocks all forms of ads and protects the privacy across the web.It can also block the malwares. The Adblock Plus is the best tool for adblocking among all tools of this type.

Flashblock : This add-on is useful in blocking any flash animations on web. As name suggests,it only blocks the flash animations and flash ads. There will be empty block in place of blocked content.

Download Managers:

Video Download Helper The add-on allows to download any streaming video and audio from popular media sites. The tool provides various options like available format and quality of downloading media.

DownThemAll : Its a download accelerator which can increase the downloading speed upto four time,but ofcourse you will need necessary bandwidth for that. The tool allows to pause and resume any download.

FlashGot : Its a supporting tool which allows firefox to work with different download managers. The interrupted download due to connection error can be resumed with FlashGot.


Video Resumer :The add-on automatically starts video from where it left off.  It will even work when browser restarts. The Video Resumer remembers the location, for you.


Click and Clean : It’s a great cleaning tool to delete browsing history, download history, cookies, temporary internet files and more. A perfect tool to get rid of unwanted junk.

Clear Console : The add-on deletes the browser history, cookies and caches with just one click.

Self-Destructing Cookies : Delete all cookies automatically after closing of tab or window. The tool prevents the unnecessary trackers.

Fastest Search : Improve the searching capabilities of Firefox. Search plain text, any phrase or words in current tabs.

S3 Google Translator : Translates given text, phrase or even whole page in more than 50 different languages.

Fasterfox: This great add-on optimizes the Firefox and increases the overall performance. The add-on offers different tweaks and modifications to improve the performance.

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HTTPS Everywhere : Forces the browser to use secure HTTPS on different websites when possible.

Disconnect : This tool acts as a shield and guards against ad trackers and other tracking elements and also prevents them loading in webpage.

LastPass: It’s a password manager that saves the password for different sites and helps in automatic log-in.

Web of Trust : It’s a security add-on that rates and shows the trustworthiness of websites using different color-code system.

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