The Importance of Instagram for students in education and business

Nowadays, when the world is captured by a great variety of different social networks, mostly all students of the middle and high school have Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. With social media, studying has taken a back seat. No student can spend a day without browsing an Instagram and post a photo.

While teachers find social networks quite distracting from both teaching and learning processes, students may improve their grades with Instagram and even run their small businesses. It may function not only as a platform for photos but also as a tool for learning something new and even bringing some money for jam.

If you want to get a hold of students attention, Instagram is the right place to do that. It is the easiest way to catch both students’ and parents’ attention and even somehow influence the level of students’ grades. Education has to keep up with the times, and even use these changes for own benefit.

How to use Instagram in Business and Education

Instagram, just like Twitter or Facebook, allows you to share photos with the descriptions, where you may include some useful information or just leave them without any text. This mobile application gives you the opportunity to post not only photos but also 1-minute videos. Besides, one may definitely find Instagram of great use because it improves your language and writing skills. Students also interested in writing essays about Facebook. If you are a student click on this resource.

Whenever you are going to write a post, it demands to pick the right words to express your thoughts, so they are clear and understandable. With the help of Instagram, students may get the latest information concerning school subjects, create a fun project and just easily interact with each other.

Proper Account

Creating a proper account is one of the essential things when it comes to drawing students to it. Both business and education choose a username similar to your primary account. The information in the bio is not less important. It’s the first thing that attracts your attention when you visit the account. Include in your bio what kind of business you are running and what kind of knowledge do you offer when it comes to education.

As a profile photo, use one, which will present your brand or the thing you are specialized in. Do not forget about the audience. Start following people who are interested in your industry. “How to buy social media followers” is probably the most popular question, when speaking about startup accounts. Promote your account on other websites, or you may ask the existing popular bloggers to promote yours.

The Best Time to Post

The best time to share some educational posts and promote your business products is usually at working hours, which is from Monday to Friday around 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. However, one may post without limits in time, in other words whenever you have something to post — do it! Just try to fit in the Instagram activity hours.

Another thing is about the educational account, especially if your page is an international one. It would be hard to keep in touch with students if you are, for example, in the one-time zone and they are in a different one. To continue collaboration and conversation, you will need to make a schedule with students, which is quite inconvenient. The solution is that you may broadcast your lectures live on Instagram and leave it there for 24 hours or download it on IGTV. Students will be glad to see such a modern attitude to teaching. That is why you may find lots of valuable customers on your page.

Creating your own community

It is very popular with educational accounts as well as business ones to create their community by making some original hashtags. So, for every group of students as well as for the different level of knowledge they have, you may create unique hashtags. Moreover, hashtags also help to find your audience. By using them, you may even group the material into categories.

Content of the account

Students are getting bored when there is only one kind of content, for example, grammar or exercises. Changing the content will keep them exciting and interesting to follow you. Upload videos, where you are explaining grammar giving some jokes and anecdotes as an example. Besides, you may interact with students in comments or direct messaging.

Use some smiles and emoji, so that your account doesn’t become the second college. It should be a place with a light atmosphere where all the necessary information is available. Make use of Instagram Stories, which make studying playful and fun. With these recommendations, you can change a lot in the sphere of education and business. The key is to consider the modern tendencies which the youth is so eager to follow.

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