10 Tips for Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business

Digital marketing is continuing to change how businesses target and attract customers. Here are the top tips for finding the digital marketing agency that’s right for your company!

1. Scalability

Digital marketing agencies are notorious for biting off more than they can chew with large companies. But, scaling down is a problem too. When interviewing agencies, ask questions about how they scale up and down depending on your needs.

2. Discuss Goals

The digital age has sent everyone in the business world into a fast-paced frenzy. But when it comes to choosing a digital marketing agency you need to sit down and have a long discussion about your goals. Brand management will take place all across the scope of a digital marketing agency. From blog writing to Instagram posts, you want everything to line up with your business short and long-term goals.

3. Ask them to Explain SEO

Marketers have their own language, and digital marketers have made no attempt of making these terms easy to understand. When you begin interviewing digital marketing agencies, expect to see: SEO, PPC, WP, and more. You need someone who can explain what these terms are, and how they’ll work to build your company.

4. Expect Campaign Management

SEO campaign management can work wonders for your website and make it easier for people to find your company online. PPC can create long-term traffic as well. These terms together describe the behind-the-scenes aspect of Google and other search engines.

5. Accept Nothing Less Than Transparency

Some digital marketing agencies will cut corners and make less than ethical decisions on behalf of your business. You want to avoid these people, and you find them by requiring complete transparency.

If an agency promises top-google placement, thousands of social media followers and tens of thousands of visitors to your site daily, move on to the next candidate.

6. Call Them

Calling them will help you get a feel for how authentic reviews on Yelp or Expertise are, or if they might have written them and passed it off as a testimonial. On the phone, you’re more likely to get honest information.

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7. Ask Yourself “Do I Like This Person?”

It might seem unreasonable or even unfair to decide which agency to hire based on whether you like a person or not, but it’s essential. Marketers spend their time appealing to people, and if this person can’t appeal to you, how well are they going to appeal to your customers?

8. Request a Set Process

No doubt, if you have a few agencies on your list, this request will remove a few from the running. Marketers are creative types and enjoy doing as they please. Request that your account follows a process that you decide and have the right to change.

9. Count the Questions

You want an agency that is curious about your business and what you do for your customers. They should ask at least 3 questions about your company before taking you on as a client.

10. Reel in the Technology

Technology is great, and let’s be honest, you’re hiring a digital marketing agency. But if you’re paying someone to automate senseless social media posts and post word-scrambled articles from your competitors, then you’re wasting your money. Expect people to do these jobs.

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