Top 10 Genius Devices For Students

Students need plenty of resources in their studies. Some people may argue that the classroom is not a place for devices, but time has proved that the classroom environment needs many devices. The use of devices has enhanced education by helping students plan their work, capture detailed explanations, and availing study materials among others. Students use devices to write and store notes, program their schedule, and prepare for exams among others. However, not all devices are good for students. There are devices that may be more of a distraction to the learning process than a complimentary tool. In this post, we explore the top 10 genius devices for students, how to use them, and their benefits.

1. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Noise canceling headphones are very important for students, especially at the college level. The school environment can get noisy from time to time. To ensure that you have peace of mind when you need silent reading time, get yourself a pair of noise-canceling headphones. These headphones are beneficial in that you can study even when your friends are throwing a party in the same room. These headphones can help you increase your concentration in the library by blocking any noise such as movements and communications in the library.

2. Kindle E-reader

A kindle reader is an essential part of studying in this era. Unlike decades ago, students no longer spend time in the library browsing through pages of encyclopedias. Instead of spending so much time reading books, spend a few hours browsing through e-books to fish out the important information.

Besides research for class work, kindle book readers are also essential in helping students craft and format application letters, resumes, reports and so on. Whether for class or personal use, kindle book readers are good for anyone who likes reading and writing.

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3. Fitbit

Fitbit is a personal care device that is commonly used by physical enthusiasts. The device is able to track your body weight, sleeping hours, and activity levels. The device can also figure out your sleep patterns and help determine how much sleep you need per night. As a student, you need to stay physically active and mentally alert. This device is vital in helping you attain maximum sleep and activity. It is essential to help you attend classes while active and free of fatigue.

4. Wireless Keyboard

Bluetooth and other wireless keyboards are very vital for a student. The work of taking notes may be too hard sometimes. Instead of struggling to capture notes using your phone, simply turn on your Bluetooth keyboard and capture all the notes. The advantage of a Bluetooth keyboard is that it is portable. It can easily be folded and carried in a small bag.

5. Portable Battery

A modern student cannot survive without access to the internet. When the phone goes off, you need to have a plan B. Most students use a portable battery charger- popularly know as a power bank. Power banks are now common among students who need to keep on surfing the internet for educational or personal purposes. Most smartphones drain power at a fast rate, especially when using many apps. If you are among those who suffer from dead batteries from time to time, get yourself a power bank.

6. SmartWatch

A smartwatch is one of the genius inventions for students. Students who rely on their phones now have the opportunity to do more without having to carry a cumbersome phone. The smartwatch is a simplified smartphone that students can use for references whenever necessary. Most students use smart watches even in areas where they aren’t allowed to use a phone. This kind of watch can be used to do calculations, watch time, and store reading material. It can also be used to send texts even when the teacher is in class.

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7. Tablets

While students can use their phones, tablets are also very important. Tablets can be used to copy notes, make calculations, do research online and even make presentations. Most students use tablets while making non-powerpoint presentations. Tablets also offer functions such as wireless connections and screencasting that can be used in presentations. In research, Android and iOS tablets can offer quick access to reference points. Students can save shortcuts to custom writing logins to help enhance access to the necessary information while in class.

8. Laptop

What can any student do without a laptop? While some people may take it for granted, a PC is one o the genius devices of all times. Students need laptops for presentations, research, typing, and many other tasks. Most classroom applications can only be used on a PC. This is the reason why every student must have a portable PC.

9. Smartboards

Smartboards form one of the most useful classroom technologies. Although a smartboard may not be very attractive to a student, it is one of the mandatory learning devices. They are key to delivering presentations and showcasing the student’s expertise. They are very important for a participative classroom environment.

10. Projectors

As already mentioned above, a laptop is an essential part of the student’s life. However, laptops also need projects for an interactive classroom environment. Students must use projectors to pass the information in their preparation to face the corporate world. The corporate world uses projectors in most cases to showcase facts during presentations. Students are required to use the projectors at school so that they can familiarize with the expected workplace standards.


All the above-mentioned devices are essential for students. They help enhance student’s performance and make the classroom interactive. Some of these devices are only for personal gain while others are mandatory. In either case, these genius devices are important in helping students achieve academic excellence.

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