Top 10 List of Tech Blogs to Follow

It’s really cool to learn of some new technology, trying it out or to know someone’s thoughts on it. I myself being tech geek, like reading as much as I can on Tech stuff. It’s fun, but it never satisfies my curiosity. We like sharing of something new we found out. So, the blogs do on the internet. They are the biggest knowledge sharers. But, specifically as per our topic, I’ll talk of tech blogs.

Today, I’d like to share with you the top 10 tech blogs I read daily. These blogs make me resourceful, they refresh my mind and of course give me more ideas to blog on my own blog. I would highly recommend you to use some feed reader like feedly or any other. They’ll always ping you when any of the blog gets updated. I use feedly on my android device and it’s the perfect feed reader.

So, here’s the list of tech blogs that’ll surely never satisfy your curiosity.

Top 10 Tech Blog I read daily

#10 Addictive tips

addictive tips tech blog  provides tips on various tech topics like Windows, Mac, Linux and alerts you every time they find something new on the internet. They provide reviews on various software and frequently update their blog with new content.

#9 Which? Tech Daily

which? tech daily blog
Which? Tech Daily is more of a news blog about gadgets. Including tablets, laptops, internet, phones, etc. Covering all the gadgets sphere.

#8 Cult of Android

cultofandrod android blog
Cult of Android cover everything about android, from news to latest apps. They too have site called Cult of mac.

#7 ReadWrite

ReadWrite provides various stories on web apps, web technology, different gadgets and social media. With a clean and awesome look the site is a worth reading.

#6 CNET Reviews

I need not to introduce you to this site. CNET is the tech blog giant present right now on the internet. Well, I suggested you the reviews section specifically because whenever something new comes out CNET is the first to review it. It reviews almost everything. So, you must add it to your feeds.


#5 The Windows Club

The Windows Club is totally windows dedicated blog. Providing software reviews, tips and solution to different error in windows. It get updated frequently with new software and tips.

#4 TechCrunch

Techcrunch is a news site mostly covering about new tech startups. You also need to be updated of new tech coming out. So, this is the best site to alert yourself of some new technology.

#3 MakeUseOf

MakeUseOf provides how to guides and different stuffs you can do on the internet. It gets updated every second hour. It’s really cool site to learn more about different sites and they also deliver awesome stories.

#2 Digital Inspiration

Digital Inspiration is a one man Tech blog and is famous for it’s how-to guides. Amit Aagarwal the man behind it provides easy to do ways for different tech stuff. I never forget to check out his blog.

#1 How-to Geek

How-to geek is the best site to know more about computers. It provides PC solutions and content hardware related stuff. It also has a discussion board where you can post your PC problems and get instant solution.

Conclusion – Become a Tech Geek

Well, I’ve stated you all the sites that’ll provide you info for each tech field (Computers, Apps, Gadgets, Internet and Tech news). Knowing about different technology is really cool. Because, when you’ll be asleep tonight some super human will be building some new technology. Yes, those super humans are developers, entrepreneur’s and Tech lovers. It’s good to learn writing code. It doesn’t matter what field are you in. What matters is how much difference can you make with your knowledge and make this world much more awesome.

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