Top 10 List of Tech Youtube Channels you should Subscribe


Hey guys, I’ve come up again with a Top 10 list. This time it’s Top 10 Tech Youtube channels. Before I’d shared the Top 10 list of Tech blogs. Which you guys loved. Youtube is the second largest search  engine on the internet. The tech community out there is pretty awesome.

I follow many of the tech vloggers and they really love and help each other. One of the best examples is Austin Evan’s apartment getting burned down. All of his gadgets and other tech stuff got totally burned out. The tech community including Lewis from unbox therapy, Jonthan Morrison and other youtubers in the tech community helped him out. Here’s the video.

Well, these tech youtubers don’t just help they also create awesome and high quality tech videos and reviews. Here’s my list of Top 10 Tech Youtube channels.

#10 TechCrunch

TechCrunch no inctroduction needed. One of top tech news sites. Was also mentioned in out top tech sites list. Here in their youtube channel they share new tech and gadgets, app reviews, tech talks and inside jobs. In inside jobs they talk with experienced people of a particular job and their workflow. The channel is pretty great!

#9 XDA Developers TV

XDA developers TV is the official channel of the biggest Developers portal. Mainly famous for android. Here they share android news, new apps and different interesting mods. It’s managed by a team of experienced tech youtubers. It’s worth a subscribe if you’re not the guy who likes hanging out on forums.

#8 Tek Syndicate

Tek syndicate mainly share about PC builds and PC hardware. WASD is their weekly show I always watch. I like the content they share.

#7 TechQuickie

Techquickie handled by one of my favorite host Linus Sebastian explains you different tech concepts. Mainly including topics related to PC, smartphones and gadgets. Most of the channel is filled up with the as fast as possible series. Whose main aim is to explain the concept as fast as possible. I mean to the point and in less words.

#6 Lockgnome’s Geek Lifestyle

Lockergnome’s geek lifestyle handled by Chris Pirillo. You would have heard of his youtube vlog probably. He’s a great host. Share honest content on different tech topics. His videos are more of discussion type. I love the way he thinks about technology. A perfect sensible geek. Must subscribe.

#5 Austin Evans

Austin Evans the poor guy of which I shared before is not actually poor 😛 But in fact awesome! I like the way he presents the content. Being the Apple fanboy shares most of his content related to apple. Not just apple but also PC builds and gadgets. Also his reviews are worth watching. And how can I forget his ending line. Well, just watch it on your own.

#4 Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy handled by Lewis Hilsenteger is as it says mainly does unboxing of tech stuff. I espicially like his videos because of his critic approach in reviews. Well I should say honest critic approach. No that critic but at some stage they are. And also famous for the tragic iPhone 6 plus bending test. Also know as bend gate. He was the first person to report it.

#3 Barnacules Nerdgasm

Barnacules Nerdgasm hosted by Jerry Berg is that one channel which I actually have fun while watching. Jerry’s unique way to present content using different voices and that batman background voice is freaking awesome. He also does vlogging and also provides C sharp programming tutorials (aka Codegasm). Those tutorials are great for a beginners and for those that having basic programming knowledge. I love hearing this guy.

#2 Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee(MKBHD) is the best reviewer on youtube. His in-depth reviews on smartphones and other gadgets are worth watching. Also his videos are of really high quality, Watching his videos is no fun. (Well, everything need not to be funny!). I mean his videos are to the damn point and especially in-depth. Nice going!

#1 Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips hosted by Linus Sebestian and Luke Lafreniere is my best tech channel whose videos I never miss to watch. Tech topics are mainly reviews, PC builds and WAN show. The best thing I like that they make videos on daily basis. Which is hard, but, apart from that it’s fun watching them.(BTW it’s a whole freaking team that makes those videos happen.) The WAN show is the real fun where they discuss on different tech news live on twitch. Absolutely deserve the first place.

Hope you guys liked the list. Well, they’ve been ranked upon my opinion not based on any stats. Also may differ from your likes. Do share your best Tech Youtuber down in the comments.

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