Top 5 Websites for Free Clipart for Mac that Are Copyright Friendly


Clipart images can be defined as already created images stored for use for different purposes. These images are usually made in a way that they can be incorporated to content so that they enhance the depth of the message being communicated. While conceding that the effectiveness of clipart image is undeniable and necessary among most MAC users, it is quite a challenge to get free to use clipart images that are not protected by copyrights. However, some websites have identified the importance of the clipart images and have provided them for free use. This article lists five websites that provide a wide range of clipart images that are not protected by copyrights thereby their use is not limited.

1.    Free Clipart

Free clipart one of the most popular websites for downloadable clipart. It has an extensive list of clipart for MAC. It allows fast downloads of high-quality and web ready clipart. Most of the clipart provided on the free clipart website is printable, or it can be electronically manipulated too easily enhance the quality of an electronic document. Free clipart provided illustrations, cartoons and borders that are license and copyright free. In case you need printable clipart from the free clipart website for your MAC, you can download WMF format. In case you need clipart for website use you can pick those of.Gif format.

2. provides free to use mostly user generated clipart. The Home page of this website confirms the role of this project and indicates that all clipart contained there can be freely used without any special permission. The clipart from this website can be used on MAC or any other operating system without any complications. has thousands of clipart contained in tags from which a user can choose to view the category that best appeals to them. The terms of use are easy to follow, and it is highly user friendly. This website can turn out to be a favorite for MAC users as it has quite an extensive store of clipart that they can reliably use for free and without any license and copyright issue.

3.    Clker

Clker has just everything all for completely free use. They a wide range of clip art all for free use. The vector clipart on Clicker can be used in many different ways and for many different purposes among MAC users. The best about clipart from Clker, it is royalty free, license free, and no special permission is required for their use as whatever published there is completely free to the public. Clcker’s terms and conditions are clear and straight to the point. MAC users can download clipart in three different formats: PNG, SVG, and ODG. All the clipart in these three formats are of immensely high quality, and you just need to understand what format best suits your needs.

4.    WPClipart

WPclipart should be MAC users’ standard clipart directory. It hosts thousands of high quality clipart that is downloadable, editable and completely free to use. The good thing is, with WPclipart, the number of images there is continuously growing with the site publishing clipart depicting most recent events and information. You can access the different categories and directories as listed on the website and be sure you will get whatever you are looking for. WPClipart is free to the public that means no copyright issues are involved with the clipart they have on their directories. The images on WPClipart are compatible with most MAC programs thereby increasing tits convenience and reliability.

5.     Open Clip Art Library

The Open Clip Art Library website uses the license of Creative Commons. It publishes user submitted clipart images that can be downloaded and shared by the public for free. In fact, all clipart from Open Clip Art Library comes with no copyright issues and can be used for whatever purpose one intends for. There are categories from where users can perform searches for easy access to desired clipart. Just try this out and be sure you will never be disappointed.

In addition to these five websites, you can also give a try to Google Swirl, which also has a collection of free to use clipart that is of great quality.

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