Top 6 DSLR Accessories You Can’t Do Without When Looking for Professional Videos

Shooting videos with a DSLR is generally a simple and fast process. However, if you want to do it professionally and leave no room for errors, you need the right gears. Other than skill, what separate pros from amateur videographers are the type of gears that they use. You need accessories that will make the shooting easier and more enjoyable. You also need accessories that will make you look like a real professional.

While there are several DSLR accessories that you may find useful in the market, the following 6 are the most necessary.

1. DSLR Gimbal

It’s usually hard to shoot smooth videos when it’s shaky. For example, shooting from a moving vehicle or when the wind is strong may not be that fun if you are don’t use a stabilizer. You need a gimbal to stabilize your DSLR and to ensure that you continue shooting despite the vibrations.

2. Extra Battery

As you continuously use the DSLR, the battery is bound to get exhausted easily. To make sure that you at least prolong its life, you need an extra one to change. You also do not want your battery to run dry in the middle of a shoot. With an extra fully-charged battery, you are able to continue shooting uninterrupted.

3. ND Filters

During the day, it can be hard to shoot clear images after a long exposure as the images tend to look blurred. Also, it’s difficult to capture water movements when using a DSLR alone. These two issues are best addressed when you use neutral density filters with your DSLR. The filters can maintain the shutter speed of the camera thus promoting clearer images.

4. Extra Storage

Videos generally take a lot of storage space. When you are shooting in the outdoors, you need to carry a spacious memory card that you can use to store your videos in case you run out of storage space. Just go for a memory card that is spacious and has a faster recording speed. Your pick should take you through the entire shooting.

5. Lenses

Most professional videographers call them glasses since they allow you to see the world from a clear angle. Well, they have the power to change the final look of your footages. A good lens will help your DSLR shoot clearer and sharper images even when the light conditions are low. Options such as zoom lenses allow you to view the object at a close distance when shooting and thus should be considered.

6. DSLR Bag

Lastly, you need a bag to keep your DSLR. The bag will help you carry the camera securely and cushion it in case it drops. It will also allow you to keep some of your gears. You just need to buy a bag that is specifically designed for the DSLR and one that is spacious.

For sure, the DSLR cannot work alone. It needs accompaniments and you can start your shopping by looking for the above accessories. They will make you look like a pro and shoot like a pro. They are just worth the spending.

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