Top Apps to Download YouTube Videos

Youtube buffering is a time-consuming process and hectic too Especially when you have a weak internet connection, Although youtube provides the facility to download some of their videos offline but most of the video on Youtube is still not available offline, But thanks to some third party application which does all the work for you and enables you to watch any video from your favorite YouTuber, channel or musicians. Another big disadvantage of youtube offline is that you can’t share offline videos with your friend via any file sharing app since the YouTube offline feature creates only an instance of the video which you have to re-download it every 30 days but thanks to all the third-party applications that have overcome such disadvantages. Here we are going to discuss Top applications to download youtube video.

However since YouTube is a Google product you won’t find any YouTube video Downloader on the official play store. One can download the below-mentioned application from open source applications Market.

Android blocks installation of applications outside Google play store, for that cause user, has to manually enable installation from other sources.

To allow it

Go to settings>Security>.

Then tap on “unknown sources”. There will be a pop-up on your screen. warning you about the issues application can bring to your device user can ignore it since all the applications mentioned below are tried and tested.

Top applications to download Videos from YouTube

1. Videoder

Videoder is a dynamic tool to download videos from YouTube and many other popular websites/ apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Hotstar etc. Other than downloading the content user can also stream the videos in all the possible formats ie you can choose from different playing resolutions. Even More, it provides the facility to share video within the app so you don’t need to access any third-party application to share the video. As stated earlier the app has an impressive UI along with along with features such as night mode., built-in video player and lot more.

2. Tubemate

Tubemate is also a superb youtube video downloading application The application has a simple User interface which is interactive with user Especially with the new ones, the application has an excellent built quality all because of the built-in browser it has from where one can search for desirable videos from thousands of websites. With tubemate user can choose the quality and file format for the video before downloading it, however, most of the applications in the segment offers to this feature


Vidmate is by far the most downloaded and trusted YouTube video Downloader, Vidmate provides you the facility to download a video, stream a video and even auto-suggest you the most trending and watchable content of youtube. Not only does it concentrates on youtube but also on the other popular websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion and lot more. There is no need to create an account with vidmate it is ready to go application just install it and use it. It also downloads videos comparatively faster than other downloaders.
Vidmate has multiple language support and multiple downloading facilities without effect the internet usage of other applications by far only few YouTube Downloader has such vibrant features. Vidmate is an error-free bug-free trusted application. With the default, the player user can Play songs as per his/her mood from top rated Hollywood or Bollywood music to their favorite regional or devotional song. Download Vidmate.

4. Newpipe

Newpipe is a classic application which has a user interface matching to that of youtube the only additional feature it has is that user can download the video on his / her device unlike default offline feature of youtube. The best feature this app provides is the background player with which user can play any song from YouTube in the background while he/ she is using other application.

5. Snaptube

Snaptube is a well-organized video downloader, The UI of the app is simple yet navigates the user to every possible feature of the application. One can access multiple websites from the application which almost all the applications dose but what makes snaptube unique enough to make its space in the list is the file organizing feature which organizes content into music and video categories.

6. YT3 YouTube downloader

YT3 youtube downloader is a totally basic application with not much of complications or features which somehow equals the pros and cons scale, The app is easy to operate , the user can listen to the music before downloading it with the preview feature of the app, moreover, it shows lyrics as you listen to the music. but it only supports MP3 and MP4 file format. Ideal to download music but not recommend if you want to videos in HD quality.

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