Top 5 Mario Games – Ultimate Collection

Discover the ultimate collection of Super Mario games. All these games you can play on your computer. You will meet a lot of famous Nintendo characters, such as Mario, Princess Peach, Yoshi, and of course Luigi. It is time to occupy yourself and find the game you want to play and have fun!

1. Super Mario Crossover 2

Super Mario Crossover 2 is a famous flash game, which is the sequel to Super Mario Crossover. It continues the primary idea to combine different NES characters into one fabulous flash game. It is time to choose your character: Mario, Luigi, Link, Samus, Simon, Bill, Bass, Ryu, Megaman, or Sophia III. By playing Super Mario Crossover 2, you will get additional modes, and particularly the Survival Mode, where your character becomes unusable once he is dead.

2. Super Mario Bros. Balloon Trip

Two well-known brothers are back! In the following Super Mario Bros. edition, they will investigate a bizarre letter sent by a stranger. You will have to travel by balloons to get to the location. Are you ready for the adventure?! The journey is not that easy as it looks from the first sight. You will have to deal with several obstacles along the way, such as the monsters from the Mario world. The game aims to stomp on top of the monsters to defeat them and grab as many powerup plants as possible to unlock special abilities. You can choose to play alone or with your friends.

3. Mario Invaders

Mario Invaders has a very similar style to formidable Space Invaders. The game has well-known Super Mario characters and stunning graphics. This time Bowser is on the point to invade Mario’s world. Your duty is to stop his plans and finally destroy his spaceship. Your actions have to be fast enough to get rid of the invading creatures. Otherwise, they will hit you. Prepare yourself to collect a power-up shield, which will prevent damage. Every new level become harder! Are you ready to complete Mario Invaders?

4. Kill the Plumber

Kill the Plumber is Super Mario reverse game. You will have a completely different experience in which you have to control the monster and kill the plumber. A cruel maniac has invaded the kingdom. The king is ready to send troops. You have to save the kingdom! To complete the missions, you will have to pass through many levels in three worlds. Every level has a special mission, and it becomes more complicated if you have enough stars.

5. Super Mario Star Scramble 3

Super Mario Star Scramble 3 is an excellent installment of the Super Mario Brothers Star Scramble series. You will have to collect three stars as you scramble around. Pick up the powerups, such as mushrooms and fire flowers, which will help you succeed along the way. Once you have three stars, the exit door will open, and you will be allowed to continue the game on a more challenging level.

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