5 Simple Tricks to Improve Your Email Signature

An email signature can help you go places if you play your card right, but the problem is that many professionals are not even aware of this aspect of doing business online. That’s completely understandable since email signatures often are not examined in detail. Still, they play an essential role in creating an online identity and a sense of trust in the company you represent.

Even if you send emails that are not related to work, it is always wise to include a signature in order to let the recipient know that you are available for reaching out.

Just having a signature attached to your email isn’t enough. It has become a valuable marketing tool, and some companies even go as far as to hire professional designers who will make their signatures as unique as possible. Some are hyper-enthusiastic about this practice, but others want to make signatures as simple as they can get.

Luckily, there is a way to design a professional signature that will still be on a budget. Instead of paying a professional designer to do the job for you, give a try to free online signature generator that will help you come up with a simple and effective solution for your signature.

Here are some things that you should consider if you want to get the most out of your signature.

Include a Headshot (the Personal Touch)

Every school of thought in psychology agrees that seeing a human face always creates a sense of familiarity and a bond between people. If you are comfortable enough to share your photo with your business partners, you should include a headshot in your email signature. Let’s think about it from the reversed side, as you being the recipient of the email rather than the sender.

Let’s say that you are traveling to India and want to skip the bureaucracy required for getting a SIM card. One way to do that is contacting this site that provides this service. If the email you receive back from them has a personalized signature, it’ll probably make you feel more comfortable and increase your trust, rather than an email that is just signed with plain text.

Regarding the photo itself: It must be a small-scale photo that aims to reassure the recipient they are, after all, corresponding with a human being. In other words, you will make the conversation more personal, and you are more likely to achieve the goal that you have had in mind prior to starting the conversation.

Include Your Most Active Social Feed

Even if the recipient sees your face, that is not enough to gain their attention. Apart from promotional and spam emails, popular companies get hundreds of business-related emails which are sent by automated bots. Including your prominent social feed serves as a sort of proof that you are not only a real person but also a professional who assumes important roles in the company and the social structure alike.

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Include Links to Your Best Work (Professional Added Value)

If your work can be showcased on the Internet, try including a couple of links that lead to your portfolio. They are especially important if you are a freelancer who is sending an inquiry about a potential project. But companies are not excluded from it either, as you want your potential customers, users or partners to know more about your work. In some cases, this is the most crucial part of every signature.

Include a Banner for the Next Best Thing

The next best thing to include in the plan you or your company have for the future. That can be a product release, a talk, or even a conference that you take part in. The point is to show people that your business is active and give them an opportunity to participate in your activities. Think of it as a place where you get to market your company and its products.

Don’t Overdo It!

All the things mentioned above may make your email signature look a bit overcrowded. After all, email signatures are a nice addition to your email that displays professionalism and provides the recipient with the basic info. You should make it minimalistic yet stylish enough to draw the attention of the person who reads your emails – just make sure it doesn’t take over and becomes the main focal point of your message.


Email signatures are a silent force that doesn’t bring immediate results but helps us in the long run. Overall, the people we talk to via email more often respond to emails that have signatures than to those that don’t have them.

To conclude, if you are considering creating a signature, make sure to do it in a non-invasive yet professional way, and try to include some of the elements that are suggested above.

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