Unchecky automatically unchecks unwanted tools during Software installation

unchecky screenshot

During software installation, sometimes the software asks you to also install some tools like chrome extensions or toolbar for your browser. That are not actually related to the software. Now, that’s surely annoys. So, here is the tool that’ll automatically unchecks the box of the extra tools during installation, named uncheckey.

It’s a lightweight software and of course totally free. Computer geeks may not find these software that helpful, because he or she will obviously come to know that there’s an unwanted tool checked. So, he’ll uncheck the box.

But, it may be really helpful for those novice users. May be your grandparents, who somehow installed a crappy toolbar and asked you “How did it get there, I didn’t install it!

Extra Feature

download.com warning screenshot

There’s an extra feature provided. It scans the license of the software and warns you if the it says to install any crappy tool. Above is the screenshot of download.com. So, that can also be helpful, it warns before installing the software.

Runs in background

You may be thinking if this software is really running after installing it, because it doesn’t show up in the system tray. But, it actually does. You can check that by opening task manager, and under the processes tab, you’ll find it running. So, no worries. It’s not like you have to launch the application every time you install a software.



The Verdict

I like software that are just developed to perform specific tasks. The software is pretty good and unique in it’s kind. Mainly created for newbie computer users. It lacks in operating well with the old software, but, 5 stars for creating such software. Great thinking. Comment below your thoughts and do share it with your family members who are new to using computers. It may help them, and also keep you away from their silly questions.

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