10 Unique Android Launchers You Might Not Know About

Every major Android update gives a whole new set of features and options for the Android devices. While we love to try out the new features, there are times when we simply want to revert back to older version. Let’s be honest about it, many times you were so used to some features which were either changed or removed in a newer version. There is one option to root the device and install a custom ROM, but it can make things more complicated. So, the better solution will be to try out the different Android Launchers to get back to those good old days.

Now you may have already tried some cool Android Launchers, but we brought you here a list of unique android launchers which you might not know about. We crawled into deepest depths of the Google Play store to find these Android launchers, but you might have already beat us to it. Each launcher offers different levels of customization which can help you in reaching your ideal settings. Do note that apps are in random order and not ranked.

10 Android Launchers You Might Not Know

1.TSF Launcher:

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TSF Launcher is one of the free launcher available on the Google Play store. The strong point of this launcher is its fantastic animation effects. There are tons of animations to choose from, for both home screen & app drawer. The launcher has its own custom themes which can be downloaded for free. Not to mention,it also comes with 10 exclusive custom widgets. The launcher also supports many third party themes to add more spice to it. The launcher also has a feature to hide app icons from prying eyes to give you a layer of security. There is also a lot of gesture shortcuts for quick actions.

Overall, the launcher is suitable for users, who are into deep customization. While launcher does provide a great amount of customization, it may not be friendly to the battery life. Another downside of the launcher would be device performance. The 3d effects and animations of launcher may make a low-end device a bit sluggish.

Download : TSF Launcher 3D Shell

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2.Voxis Launcher :

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Voxis Launcher is one of a unique launcher we came across on our trip to Google Play store. The app is not free as it costs around 2$ to download and install it. But the free version is also available to try out the launcher. The launcher guides you with audio tutorial after installation,which is the first time we experienced in one of these apps. The launcher offers you different screens for different purposes. Each screen can be named by tapping on top of a screen.  The apps can be accessed by assigning it in folders in one of a screen or by opening app drawer by swiping up. There are custom widgets and icons which are resizable. The launcher features a unique option of flipping wallpapers, which requires additional widget download.

The launcher gives a unique vibe along with stability. If you like the free version, buy the full version as it offers all features compared to the free version.

Download : Voxis Launcher-Free Trial

3.Buzz Launcher :

android launchers3 android launchers4


Buzz Launcher is a treasure trove of tons of themes. You get to choose between multiple themes and home screens & a whole lot of another stuff. The Buzz launcher transforms the device with its own lock screen , home screen , and even notification bar. The widgets are offered by the launcher, but why would we stop there? There is a feature which lets you make your own customized widget, via Buzz custom widget. The buzz launcher also provides traditional old lock screen where dialer is not missing, unlike latest lock screen of Marshmallow.

The Buzz Launcher may be a  headache for you if you are into simpler launchers. The level of in-depth customization can make things go out of hands. Compared to all of the features, buzz launcher is still available for free.

Download : Buzz Launcher-Smart&Free Theme

4.Flow Home :

android launchers5 android launchers6

The Flow Home Launcher is currently in Beta and it requires an invitation code to use it. Do not worry as we saved you from the trouble of finding the invitation code, which is “BETA20”. Now there is a reason to include the launcher, which is still in beta phase. The launcher is suitable for heavy users of social media. Instead of opening the apps to check updates, you can directly see the updated content in the card like panels. All of the feeds from different sources can be seen on a single screen. As for now, the supported sources are Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Feedly & Reddit. There are also tons of themes and icon pack to browse from.

The launcher is unsuitable for users who don’t frequently uses social media. Do not that you have to sign-in to all sources to get feeds from them.

Download : Flow Home (Beta)

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5.Yahoo Aviate Launcher :

android launchers7 android launchers8

Yahoo Aviate Launcher is developed by Yahoo, as the name says. The launcher works on the idea of organizing apps and its information. It requests you to create collections which are basically folders. The launcher also provides suggestion according to apps in the collection. The launcher has a simple layout where collections can be accessed via swiping right. You can add your frequently used apps in the collection for ease of access. It also supports different icon packs and wallpapers. The unique feature of the launcher would be Smart Stream, which gives the information about nearby places, events , news etc. in the form of cards. It can be accessed via swiping left from the home screen.

Download : Yahoo Aviate Launcher

6.Nano Launcher :

android launchers10 android launchers9

Nano Launcher is a simple compact launcher. It features a simple layout and options. The home screen can have widgets and few shortcuts. The search bar at home screen will give news according to your usage. The launcher also uses your apps usage history to provide all most used apps in one place at the swipe of the screen. The app also provides a recommendation to other apps. There is also another feature which is called Nano Screen Lock where you can lock screen with just double tap. The Launcher also comes equipped with nanotools, which are some add-on to enhance user experience.

Download : Nano Launcher- Simple & Smart

7.LightLaunch Light 3D Launcher :

android launchers11

LightLaunch Light 3D Launcher can be considered a winner among light-weighted android launchers. The app size is around 100 kb and yet, it still provides 3d effects. If you are looking for light-weight launchers, then this launcher is the best option. The wallpaper can be changed along with icons. The size of icons is adjustable. There are various scrolling effects and styling options.

The downside of this launcher would be that it lacks an app drawer. The launcher only shows screen featuring all installed apps. The apps can be split into multiple screens.

Download : LightLaunch Light 3D Launcher

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8.Arrow Launcher :

android launchers12 android launchers13

Arrow Launcher is created by Microsoft Corporation. Arrow is simple efficient launcher which comes with battery saving technology. The simplicity lies in launcher’s recently used apps features.With just a swipe, you can easily access recently used apps.The more you use it, the better it becomes. It is also possible to access recently used files and data such as messages, video , audio etc. The launcher also provides reminder screen where you can put reminders with some conditions to help you schedule your routine. The apps in app drawers are arranged in alphabetical order. It also features double tap screen locking option. The launcher also supports different icon packs and can hide apps to cover your tracks.

The alphabetical app drawer may be a downside for many users but hey, it’s free so can’t complain!

Download : Arrow Launcher

9.SickSky Launcher :

android launchers14

SickSky Launcher is another light-weighted launcher among android launchers. It is simple and easy to use. SickSky Launcher is a panel based launcher. The biggest advantage of the launcher would be its lower size. The launcher also comes with the app drawer, unlike LightLaunch Light 3D Launcher.

Download : SickSky Launcher

10.Lomo Launcher :

android launchers15

Lomo Launcher is the last launcher in our Android Launchers series. The Lomo Launcher provides great UI with the simplest design. The design looks kinda like iOS design. The launcher does not have an app drawer as any screen can be selected as the home screen. The page switching animation can be changed through launcher settings. The launcher supports various themes which can be downloaded for free.

Download : Lomo Launcher

So did we help you in finding new Android Launchers or did we fail? Feel free to drop a comment below about your favorite launchers among these or did we miss your favorite? Do mention it.

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