Unkilled : Unlimited Chests/Energy| No Tools Required!

UNKILLED unlimited chests and energy

Unkilled is a great zombie first person shooter game brought to you by popular game studio, MADFINGER Games. Now if you don’t know about MADFINGER Games , they are the creator of Dead Trigger & Dead Trigger 2 game, which is one of the most amazing zombie shooter game you can find for your Android device. But enough about creators, Let’s talk about the Unkilled.

Unkilled is a First Person Zombie shooter game which comes with the beautiful HD graphics. The game have five campaigns with total more than 100 missions. Each mission have different conditions, fulfilling them will give higher reward at the end of stage. Oh, and we can’t forget about the achievements. There are 30+ achievements to be unlocked. Are you up for the task?

Treasure Chest is something that will ease up your journey. You can get Treasure Chest everyday by logging into game or by finishing raid missions. Treasure Chest contains powerful boosters, timed weapons, cool gadgets and big ton of cash. So here is a trick that will give you unlimited Mystery Chest. Yeah, you heard it right, what else you need?


How To Get Unlimited Treasure Chest:

Now this is not an actual trick, but just a simple bug. The game allows you to watch advertisements to get free Treasure Chest. You can watch up-to 3 times and then you can do it again after 7 hour-ish. But what if you don’t want to wait for another 7 hours and just want to get more Treasure Chest straight up? Here is how you do it. It’s pretty simple and you also don’t have to mess around with other tools & stuff.

1. Just open the game and go to armoury and use your daily advertisements to get free Treasure Chest.Now you can see timer instead of “Watch Video” Button.


2. Now just close the game and open it again. Go back to armoury and wait. You can see Watch Video button again instead of timer. What happened to timer?

3. You can use this bug to open up unlimited amount of Treasure Chests. All you have to do is close the game and reopen it again.


Yes I know, watching lots of advertisements to get chest is very boring. But hey, it’s effective and free. You can use this bug whenever you are low on cash or gadgets or just want those super powered weapons to get 3 stars on mission, Choice is yours.

How To Get Unlimited Energy:

Yep, you guessed it right. It’s same as Treasure chest trick. Just watch ads, close the game and reopen it again. Now you can see more ads to get energy.

Download : UNKILLED

If you know any other cool trick. Leave it in comment below. Happy Hunting!

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