How to Use Google AutoDraw : 5 Tips to get the Most Out of It

Google AutoDrawWhen Google comes out with a new product or a new service, the whole world knows about it and AutoDraw is no different. In all probability, you’ve already heard about it but on the off chance that you live in a cave with no internet connection, let’s brief you on what Google AutoDraw is. To put it simply, AutoDraw is AutoCorrect for doodles. AutoCorrect picks up all the text you type into your phone and suggests meaningful words out of it. AutoDraw does the same with doodles: studies your doodle and suggests drawings based on what you could have been trying to draw.

Built by Dan Motzenbecker and Kyle Phillips at Google Creative Lab as part of one of Google’s many A.I. Experiments which aim to make people more familiar with A.I., Google AutoDraw can be accessed from your smartphone, laptop or even a desktop. All you need is a device with Chrome running on it. Being as easy as it is to use, Google AutoDraw is a fine example of A.I. blending into our daily lives. It might be easy to use but a few tips to get better at using it wouldn’t hurt, right? So here are 5 tips to get the most out of it.

1. Use a mouse or a dedicated drawing tablet

Google AutoDraw1

To get the best out of your drawing experience with Google AutoDraw, we suggest you use a mouse or even better, a dedicated drawing tablet. Auto Draw is still in its early stages of development. It tries it best to recognize what you’ve drawn but the scope is limited. So drawing using your laptop’s touchpad isn’t going to make things any better. The movements on a touchpad aren’t that defined and that are often not accurate. Using a regular mouse will result in a much better drawing which will be easier for the A.I. to figure out. An even better solution would be to use a drawing tablet if you happen to have one lying around.

2. Stick to simple drawings

Like mentioned above, AutoDraw is still in its initial stage. There are only a limited number of drawings and gestures that it can recognize. There are going to be times what Auto Draw will have no clue about what you drew. So a better approach would be to stick to simple or less elaborate drawings at this point in time. Artists are constantly working to come up with new drawings to make your experience with Auto Draw better but until then, you’ll have to make do with what you have. So simple drawings and illustrations are the way to go.

3. Look at other artists drawings first if you’re a first time user

Google AutoDraw2

If you’ve only heard about Google AutoDraw and that’s very likely since it came out just today, it wouldn’t hurt to look at some of the drawings first before you begin. This way, not only will you get ideas about what to draw but looking at the artist’s drawings will help you get a better insight into how your scribbles are actually converted into neat drawings.

4. Add your drawings

Anything you scribble on AutoDraw will most probably be made into a neat drawing resembling your scribble the most. In fact, you actually have the liberty to choose a drawing from a number of drawings that you wanted to draw in the first place. But have you ever wondered where all these neat drawings come from? The Artists from all around the globe have submitted these drawings to further enhance the experience of the Google AutoDraw. Anyone can be a contributor for Google AutoDraw. You can also add your own drawings, for the people who want to try their hand at Google AutoDraw. Visit the artist’s page to browse drawings by artists and illustrators.

5. Share the drawings to your favorite social media platform

Google AutoDraw3

The drawings you draw on AutoDraw or the drawings that actually AutoDraw draws for you from your scribbles are yours to do with as you please. You can download it, you can turn off the AutoDraw feature and just scribble. There is also another option to share your drawings across your favorite social media platform.

So these were some tips to make better use of Google AutoDraw. Have any queries? Use the comments section below to get back to us and stay tuned for more.

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