Versus is a lightweight App to Compare Products Spec-wise

Nowadays, who doesn’t compare and read reviews about products before buying them. Well, it’s always confusing as you would get a positive response somewhere on Amazon and may get it negative on eBay. Even blogs all round the internet including youtubers give their feedback.But ever thought of getting a review of every single feature of that product. And also compare that product with other product having the same features. Don’t think too much just download the Versus android app. Versus is a lightweight app that simply compares products based on their features.

The app is so simple to use. You open the app and get two fields where you enter the product name. After filling them hit compare. Images of the product will be shown, sliding left and right shows the specs and votes done by people for that spec. Thus you can completely compare the products spec-wise and take your decision. Also, you can compare anything. TV to smartphone or headphones with game consoles. (Well, it makes no sense.)


It’s also got a website with the same thing. On the website you can get finer access to the specs of the product. Below’s my review.

What I liked:

  • Simplicity in UI and data presentation.
  • Voting system
  • Clean design
  • Good concept.

What I disliked:

  • No list of categories. Like top compared products or recently compared.
  • Asks for Facebook profile access for voting.

Apart from all like and dislike. It’s a fine app though. It’s better to learn of the product spec-wise rather than simply reading reviews. 

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