Whatsapp for Web (Specifically Chrome)

Whatsapp has launched today the Web version of it’s app. But, only on Google chrome for now. Reported first on Hacker News by benjlang. People over there were on rage. “Why only chrome? and  only Android?”

Well, it had to start from somewhere. This web version actually needs your app to be online too. Means it syncs your app data with the web. Just like mirroring. It mirrors vice versa. The thing is if you want to use the web version you’ll have to keep the mobile app connected to the internet.


The Web version is the same. No new features. Except you can download the photos on your hard drive and get message notifications on your computer. Also, on hovering the contact name you get to see an excerpt of the latest conversation.

You need to scan a QR code to log-in the web app. And the scanning has to be done from the mobile app. Also, you need to have the latest version of the mobile app (android – 2.11.498). After updating open the app and in the Menu you’ll find the Whatsapp for Web option. Scan the QR code and log in.

Well, there was a problem while make the web version work. I had a problem after updating. I didn’t get the Whatsapp for Web option in the menu. I had to actually restart my phone to make it available. So, if you undergo any such error. Just restart.


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