Why Should you Use Bittorrent Sync instead of Dropbox?

Well, this was the question that came up in my mind when I first came across Bittorrent Sync. Dropbox or any other file syncing services does exactly the same thing that Bittorrent sync does, then why should you use it?

Uniqueness of Bittorrent


Uniqueness of Bittorrent underlies in it’s ecosystem. Bittorrent stores none of your data on their servers. That means no cloud file sharing. And so there is no web version of bittorrent sync. Whereas other file syncing services stores your data on the cloud so that it may be available on the web.

Now, why doesn’t it have a web version? As I said it to make your data available on the web it needs to be stored on some servers. Now to store data on their servers the company will obviously ask you money. So, that’s what other file syncing services do, and bittorrent does not. The bittorrent has no limits of syncing data. You can share as much big files or folders you want. It’s all FREE. 

So, that’s why bittorrent doesn’t make use of the cloud to store your data. So, that you can share and sync as many files you want for free. The limit is only your hard drive capacity.

Secure File syncing

As none of your data get stored on any server your files remains secure. Even from NSA. Wired stated of Sync’s security.
Even to connect two device for syncing you need to scan the QR code. You get a secret code to share folders with someone else. It’ll be 32 alphanumeric characters. Send that secret code to your friend who you wanna share. He’ll add that code and the specific folder will get synced with his device. Follow below screenshots.

Sharing File with other devices

First of all select a folder you want to share. You cannot share a specific file. You’ll have to add them in a separate and then share that folder.
Copy the secret code of the folder. Right click on the folder and you’ll get option to copy the code.
Now send that code to your friend. He’ll have to click on add folder and paste the secret code in folder secret tab. Also set the destination folder. Generate code is used when you create a new folder of your own and get a secret code for it.
Press OK and the folder will get synced with your friend’s device.

More Options

You can also decide if you want your friend only to read that folder or edit it. By giving full access to your friend you let him add or delete files in the folder. By read only access he cannot add or delete files in the folder. He can only further share that file by creating a new secret code. There’s also a one-time secret code that should be used within 24 hours. That actually secures your code. So, even if it’s got stolen it’ll not work after 24 hours.


For now the bittorrent sync is in the beta stage. We’ve got rumors that within few months bittorrent will  remove the beta tag from Sync and make use of the cloud and servers for data storage with integration of the web version just like other file syncing services. So, data storage plans will be added. But, I think so they will give a choice to users to use the web version or just stick to P2P file sharing as that in beta version.
At last, the answer to the question “Why should you use Bittorrent Sync instead of Dropbox?” is – Use bittorrent to share and sync big files. As Sync uploads and downloads faster than dropbox as it eliminates the cloud server in between. Dropbox is much more of a business service, used for work projects and business stuff. But, dropbox cannot beat Sync in terms of unlimited file syncing, security and syncing speed.

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