Why You Should Use HTML Email Signature In Your Emails?

Although email is one of the oldest tools for online communication, it remains relevant even today. Everyday people worldwide send several hundred billion emails. Why do so many people still use it? There are many reasons: it is safe, reliable, fast, and easy. Thanks to this, this method of communication and sharing information has become one of the most effective and demanded in the 21st century.

Email is widely used not only in everyday life of many people. It also plays a huge role in all spheres of business. For entrepreneurs, email marketing has long been one of the most effective marketing tools. Wise email marketing opens up a whole bunch of great opportunities for attracting new customers, spreading the information, and promoting your brand. However, a marketer has to keep in mind many nuances to make his marketing campaign truly effective. The only way to make email marketing work is to interest your audience by competently delivering useful information. The successful campaign consists of many small details and all of them matter. For example, one of the most important things to consider after the content of the letter is a properly designed email signature!

What is an email signature?

This piece of your emails is located at the end of the text. It makes the whole letter look complete and provides brief information about the author of the letter. We can distinguish two types of signatures: HTML and text. How are they different? While some people still believe that it doesn’t really matter how they sign their letters, an HTML signature gives you a whole bunch of benefits over a text one. While a text signature only delivers the most important information about you and has a purely practical application, an HTML one is interactive and drives attention of the recipients. However, these are not all of its advantages. Here is how you can benefit from having a cool HTML email signature:

It looks more professionals:
● It has an appealing visual design that drives attention;
● It helps to increase the response rate;
● It helps to engage your audience;
● It can contain more information;
● It helps you get more clicks and traffic;
● It encourages your audience to take action;
● It improves your company’s branding and recognition;
● And many other benefits.

The Structure Of HTML Signature

A wisely chosen template allows you to fit more useful information in your stamp while taking up less space. Unlike the text signature, HTML one can include not only your name and position but also company’s name, contact details, social media icons, links to a blog or website, promotional banner, and a call-to-action.

The correct placing of all its elements makes it easier for your recipients to find the contacts or links he needs, which, in turn, leads to increased loyalty to you or your brand. This significantly saves your customers’ time by providing them with everything they need to know about you and your business. Also, it catches their attention and makes you stand out from the crowd of competitors.

Visual Design

Marketing specialists know that HTML signature is not just a way of sharing information. It is a way of highlighting your business image. An appealing signature attracts attention and becomes an additional trigger for viewing the information you want to share. Besides, it has a positive effect on your branding. You know your team often has to connect with people, who don’t know much about your company. Having the same-designed signatures for all of your employees increases the recognition of your brand among your prospects.
Since it is a powerful branding tool, specialists recommend highlighting your corporate identity by it. You can use the company’s colors and logo in the design. This way, everyone, who receives a letter from you or one of your employees, will be able to link the name of your brand to a specific image.


Using HTML signature allows you to add interactive elements:
● Phone number – by adding a clickable phone number you save your customers’ time. They will be able to dial a number in one quick click. For PC users, the application for calls will be launched automatically, while mobile users will be directly transferred to dialing.
● E-mail address – a clickable email address allows your recipients to start composing a letter for you with a simple click.
● Text links – by sharing the links you give your recipients an opportunity to follow the links immediately right from your letter. This makes things faster and simpler. Thus, your recipient is more likely to follow the links you are sharing. For example, you can add a link to your website, blog or landing page.
● Company address – if you want to make your company’s address line interactive you can add a link to the contact section of your website or to the map that shows the exact location of your office or store. Thus, your prospects will not have to waste time to figure out where you are located.
● Social networks icons – clickable social media icons can do magic to your email marketing strategy. Not only they allow your prospects to learn more about you, but they also drive more subscribers and, relatively, likes, clicks, and shares to your social media accounts!
● Links to applications – if your company has a branded applications for mobile devices, place links to them in your team’s email signatures and increase their popularity.

Additional Elements

Html signature allows you to place additional blocks with information if it’s needed and, most importantly, it allows you to do this without wasting too much space.
For example, if you want to keep constant contact with your customers and process all incoming requests in the most effective way, you can place blocks with contacts of different departments of your company. In this case, the recipient of your letter will know exactly to whom he needs to address a specific question. These can be blocks with the contacts of technical support, sales team, or any other.

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