Windows 10 Mail App Not Syncing Fix | “Not Synced Yet”


Windows 10 Mail App Syncing Error Fix. The mail app won’t sync your emails unless you give it access to Calender app. There’s a privacy setting that has to be turned on in order to make Syncing work. Apply these settings if the mail app is not syncing your Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or any other accounts.

Turn on the Privacy Settings to let App access Your Calender Information

Privacy is the biggest issue with Windows 10. It’s been given away as Free for a reason. Not going more into that topic but if you’re concerned with your privacy then have a look at this article where we shared a software that can quickly turn off settings affecting your privacy. Going into the fix. The fix might also hurt your privacy if you use calendar app.

Go to settings > Privacy > Calender and turn on the settings “Let apps access my calendar“. As shown in below screenshot.


After doing so the Mail app will start syncing your email accounts. Now, if you got too many emails than you might want to change the duration of Syncing.

Changing the Sync Duration

In order to change the duration of Syncing go to settings in your mail app. Situated at the bottom left corner. Now click on Accounts and select the account for which you would like to change the sync duration. Now in the new dialogue box select mailbox sync settings. Under “download new email” section choose the duration time.


By default, it’s set to “based on my usage” which will automatically sync by calculating your mail app usage.

Error code : 0x80072726

If you’re getting this error then it’s probably due to your anti-virus. The anti-virus software’s Firewall might have blocked it. Disabling the Firewall will fix this issue. But this will also open security holes as the firewall is turned off. This is not something Microsoft should fix. This firewall setting has been applied by your anti-virus software. You should opt for other anti-virus alternatives that don’t have such settings. Also, we recommend you keep using Windows Defender with other anti-malware software just like Companion as explained here in our guide on protecting your PC from Viruses.

Final Words: Do you really care to give your data to Microsoft?

2015-11-18 19_00_06-Microsoft Privacy Statement

Windows 10 Mail app had the same issue of not syncing emails back in the preview builds when I used it. If you cared to read the privacy statement link given under “Let apps access calendar app”. You’ll find this privacy document. It’s like they really want you to give them your data. As in here your calendar information. They have written that they do so in order protect customers. Yes, it’s right but it can be shared for other profitable work too.

Well, Apart from the privacy issues mail app is well designed and works great as the default Email Client for Windows 10. So, what do you think about the Windows 10’s mail app and your privacy being harmed? And are still Email accounts not syncing? or the Fix worked. Let us down in the comments. We’ll be happy to solve any errors.

  1. The information to ensure mail & calendar app is enabled in Privacy is now out of date. The latest OS’s include this by default and it cannot be added or turned on/off. However on my Lumia 640 LTE W10M phone the email app refuses to check for new mail no matter what settings I enable it also refuses to play new mail notification sound when I do a manual sync. Basicaly just a crap app running on an OS full of bugs and useles features which is typical of Microsoft.

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