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Windows 10 with it’s great features has been a success. But, it has been facing Privacy issues right from it’s launch. The OS itself shouts of it’s hunger for user’s data. It wasn’t too long with software companies to start developing software that would protect privacy of windows 10 users. One of the company is Ashampoo. Giving a free to use product – AntiSpy for Windows 10.

Well, we can’t say that windows 10 is a spy. We actually accept that during license agreement that we’re OK with windows spying on us. It’s just like alcohol. You know it’s harmful but though you want to drink it.(Sorry, for the terrible example. 😛 But you got my point.)

Windows gives us the options to turn off those data hungry units. Which are unfortunately scattered around different places. So, here’s where Ashmpoo AntiSpy comes into play. It gives you all the privacy related options in one window. So, you just have to turn them on and off according to your privacy protection needs.


During start up it will ask for System restore point. It should. And you should do it. On the top you’ll find action tab. Click on it and you’ll find three options.

  1. Recommended settings: The recommended options that might harm your privacy will be turned off. Only letting cortana, location for device, Microsoft application telemetry and Microsoft inventory service to left out.
  2. Default Settings: All the settings will be changed to default just as they were when you installed windows 10.
  3. Deselect Settings: It does what it says. It will turn off all settings.

You can sort out yourself which settings you want to turn off. If you know what you are doing. Some settings might need a restart.


Ashampoo AntiSpy is a pretty good lightweight privacy protection software for windows 10. Though it lacks in providing information about specific settings. Not all settings are self-explanatory. If this your first Privacy software you’re trying for Windows 10 than go for it. Otherwise, there are other professional privacy software for Windows 10 like W10 Privacy and DoNotSpy 10.

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